Johnny Depp Is "Sauvage" Again. He Signs Dew Deal With Dior

Johnny Depp, 59, has re-signed with Dior to continue being the face of Sauvage cologne in a multi-year deal for a seven-figure sum.

The megastar first became the face of the Sauvage in 2015. Now, while he is still engaged in legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard, 36,  Johnny Deep has reportedly signed back with Dior to continue being the face of Sauvage cologne in a multi-year deal worth millions.

Johnny Depp has spent most of 2022 having been involved in a high-profile defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, which he won. After Amber first made her allegations against Johnny, the Sauvage commercial stopped airing on TV.

Johnny Depp's Trial With Amber Rose The Sales of Sauvage

Dior stood by Johnny Depp throughout his recent trial with ex-wife Amber Having won that trial, the sales of Sauvage skyrocketed during the proceedings of the defamation trial. A Wall Street Journal report also revealed that Sauvage was named the second most popular fragrance in the world.

The contract Johnny Deep had with Dior recently ended. According to TMZ, Depp signed the new deal to continue fronting the fragrance after fashion photographer Greg Williams attended one of Depp's and Jeff Beck's concerts in Paris.

"Fearless and yet human, just like Sauvage," Dior wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Johnny Deep is still entangled in legal battles with his Amber Heard - as the actress fights to overturn a court's June settlement against her.

Amber was sentenced to pay 10.35 million dollars in damages after a defamation lawsuit, but she has asked for it to be overturned because she cannot afford to pay such an amount.

Johnny Depp Is "Sauvage" Dior

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