Kurt Cobain's Smashed Guitar And John Lennon's Glasses Up For Auction

A smashed Kurt Cobain guitar and a pair of glasses worn by John Lennon are up for auction. The starting price is huge!

According to Reuters, a smashed guitar that belonged to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain could fetch a hefty sum at the "Icons & Idols: Rock 'N' Roll" auction held by Julien's Auction House in New York.

The taped-together musical instrument is considered by some experts to be a piece of rock-and-roll history and has been estimated at between $200,000 and $400,000.

Julien's Auctions managing director Martin Nolan explained that the guitar was smashed in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 1989.

The two iconic objects are to go under the hammer at a music memorabilia auction later this month.
Kurt Cobain's Smashed Guitar  Up For Auction
Who Will Buy Kurt Cobain's Smashed Guitar & John Lennon's Glasses?

The sale includes more than 1,500 lots. Among them, we find items that belonged to important artists such as Beyonce, Prince, John Lennon, and Carrie Underwood.

The pair of glasses worn by John Lennon could fetch more than 80,000 dollars.

You could identify John Lennon as wearing those round granny glasses, as he called them. And their photograph resembles a photo taken by Ian McKellen for the book "The Lives of John Lennon" - the glasses are accompanied by this book.

Julien's Auctions managing director said that, since the pandemic, he saw that there was an increase in people wanting to take ownership of symbolic objects.

According to Julien's Auctions representative, people are taking out the money that they had invested in intangibles or even real estate that was in their investment portfolio and choosing to own something cool, something they can relate to.

So, who will buy Kurt Cobain's smashed guitar and John Lennon's glasses? The auction will be held live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square New York City and online from 11-13 November.

Photo Credit: Kurt Cobain / Facebook

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