Miss Korea Finalists Harshly Criticized For Their Looks. Why The Outrage On Social Media?

The finalists of the Miss Korea 2022 pageant have been criticized online after several people thought they had similar features as a result of cosmetic surgery.  

The wave of criticism came after the winner of the 66th annual beauty pageant was announced in Seoul, South Korea, on 26 October, Pro Tv reports.

The Miss Korea title was won by 23-year-old Lee Seung Hyeon, an economics student at Korea University. Lee introduced herself as a trendsetter and said her dream is to become the CEO of a global fashion brand, according to AllKpop.

Second place went to 25-year-old Yoo Și Eun, an aviation student, while third place went to 22-year-old Kim Go Eun, an engineering student.

Miss Korea 2022's Finalists Criticized For Their Looks

The result of the beauty contest sparked negative reactions from people, who expressed their frustration in the comments section of the South Korean online platform Naver.

Most of the comments focused on the women's appearance, with many saying the three finalists looked too much alike and accusing them of having cosmetic surgery.

One user commented that the finalists look like "virtual AI people", while another jokingly asked if the three finalists had all gone to the same doctor.

South Korea Has The Highest Rate Of Cosmetic Surgeries Per Capital

According to Business Insider, South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries per capita in the world, with the most popular treatments consisting of skin whitening, rhinoplasty, and double eyelid surgery.

This is not the first time Miss Korea finalists have been criticized. Almost every year, contestants have been harassed online, reports Sportsskeeda.

On Twitter, some users have accused beauty pageants of setting unrealistic beauty standards.

According to organizer Global E&B, they are proud of the beauty pageant's history and said that this year's contest saw radical and fashionable changes.

"The Miss Korea pageant, proud of its history and tradition, showed more radical and trendy changes this year and received a more enthusiastic response than ever before. Please watch the various charms of the contestants through broadcasting," Global E&B said in an official statement.

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