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Article: New Technology Allows Lab-grown Diamonds To Be Identified From Natural Ones

New Technology Allows Lab-grown Diamonds To Be Identified From Natural Ones - DSF Antique Jewelry

New Technology Allows Lab-grown Diamonds To Be Identified From Natural Ones

In an effort to maintain openness in the diamond industry and among customers, a photoluminescence-based device has been created to allow for a quick screening to identify if a diamond is naturally occurring or made in a lab.

The device was created by the International Gemological Institute and is called "IGI D-check".

For almost 50 years, the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the biggest independent gemological laboratory in the world, has led the way in providing precise and trustworthy certification services to the gem and jewelry industries.

Technology Lab-grown Diamonds To Be Identified Natural Ones

IGI was the first worldwide laboratory to offer certification for lab-grown diamonds in 2008, anticipating the rise in demand for these stones and wanting to empower buyers to make well-informed choices.

Natural Diamonds vs Lab-Grown Diamonds
The common method used by screening equipment for both natural and lab-grown diamonds is photoluminescence, which is the ability to detect a diamond's distinctive phosphorescence and fluorescence when exposed to shorter wavelength UV light, according to Southern Jewelry News.

Fancy-colored diamonds behave differently from colorless and almost colorless diamonds, though.

The fluorescence and phosphorescence of lab-grown fancy-color diamonds are frequently altered by treatments including heat, pressure, and radiation, or by a combination of the aforementioned.

Therefore, most screening devices are unable to distinguish between fancy-colored diamonds generated in laboratories and those that are natural.

A Common Set Of Procedures
IGI produced a standard set of protocols for every color category following a thorough investigation.

Whether loose, in packages, or set in jewelry, IGI can effectively distinguish fancy-colored natural diamonds from fancy-colored lab-grown diamonds using sophisticated methods like FTIR and photoluminescence spectroscopy in addition to magnification.

To guarantee that every diamond is properly examined, whether it is submitted loose or mounted in jewelry, the Institute has consistently developed and disseminated its testing methodologies and procedures globally.

New Technology Lab-grown Diamonds To Be Identified From Natural Ones
The Latest Technology
According to Mr. Tehmasp Printer, CEO of IGI, the company employs cutting-edge technology to guarantee that every diamond is precisely graded and recognized as either natural or lab-grown.

“With lab-grown fancy-colored diamonds gaining momentum and the differential pricing being substantial, it’s imperative that the screening is done by a reputed laboratory like IGI. We had a few cases in recent times where there has been a contamination of natural fancy-colored pink diamonds mixed with lab-grown pink diamonds. We strive to ensure that consumers have the right to accurate and authentic information about the diamonds they are purchasing”, he continued.

Mr. Printer also stated that IGI has developed the D-check in the interest of transparency and peace of mind for the industry and consumers alike.

“Our commitment to accuracy and transparency in the certification process is reflected in strict adherence and regular calibration of our international standards and testing methods across our worldwide locations. In addition to lab-grown certification services, IGI also provides comprehensive certification for loose diamonds, jewelry, and colored stones”, Mr. Printer added.

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