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Article: North Korea's Crackdown On Tight Jeans & "Western Hairstyles"

North Korea's Crackdown On Tight Jeans & "Western Hairstyles" - DSF Antique Jewelry
North Korea

North Korea's Crackdown On Tight Jeans & "Western Hairstyles"

In North Korea, young people who wear tight jeans and dye their hair are hunted down by special Communist patrols.

Communist authorities from North Korea have stepped up their aggressive crackdown on tight jeans, dyed hair, and other "capitalist-looking" styles. The country's Patriotic Socialist Youth League is hunting down young women in their 20s and 30s who want to be modern looking and embrace the fashion trends of the West.

Youth League patrols are targeting young people who wear their hair waist-length and those who dye their hair. They are also targeting people who wear clothes with messages printed in a foreign language and especially women who wear tight trousers, according to a Radio Free Asia source quoted by Insider.

People Who Wear Tight Jeans On The Black List

If young people are caught breaking these rules, they are forced to wait on the side of the road until patrols finish their raids in the area. They are then taken to the Youth League office, where they must "confess their crimes" in written statements. The "offenders" are released only after being provided with "acceptable" clothing.

North Korea has banned piercings, skinny jeans, and "Western" hairstyles since May last year in a bid to keep the country away from "decadent" Western fashion trends. The ban came after the country's leader, the ruthless Communist dictator Kim Jong-un, said in a speech that Western haircuts and clothes are "dangerous poisons".

The Communist Youth League Stepped Up The Crackdown

Recently, the Youth League stepped up its crackdown. Last month, members of the Communist organization held a nationwide "educational session", calling the act of imitating foreign fashions and hairstyles a "capitalist microbe", the source added.

"In the worst cases, the offender's name, home address, and place of work are made public, on the radio," a source told RFA.

Even though the measures are getting stricter, young people are taking the risk of punishment because they want to dress like "the people in foreign films and TV".

This is Communism, an evil political system that has led to over 100 million deaths worldwide and has ruined the traditional culture of humanity promoting sick principles that go against human nature itself. The violence and struggle theory, as opposed to universal moral values, ended up making a mess of the societies where it was implemented.

If we look at what is happening today in China and North Korea, we can clearly see the damage this evil political system has brought to the kind-hearted people in these countries. They deserve a better future. Just take for example the case of Falun Gong in China.

The Persecution Of Falun Gong

The peaceful meditation practice - which is now famous worldwide - was embraced by tens of millions of Chinese people. It promoted well-being through traditional qigong exercises and moral discipline, and it was free of cost.

At the root of Falun Gong, there was a moral code with three universal principles at its core: Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. And, alongside the exercises, people really tried to measure their daily conduct with these morally upright principles.

This was an excellent evolution for Chinese society, but when the number of Falun Gong practitioners naturally increased due to the benefits of the practice, the Chinese Communist Party decided to start a massive extermination campaign against this group of innocent people. And it quickly turned into a real genocide that, unfortunately, is still ongoing. How irrational and evil!

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