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Article: "Not Appropriate For A Future Queen" - Kate's Middleton's Wardrobe May Have To Change

"Not Appropriate For A Future Queen" - Kate's Middleton's Wardrobe May Have To Change - DSF Antique Jewelry

"Not Appropriate For A Future Queen" - Kate's Middleton's Wardrobe May Have To Change

A royal fashion expert has explained how Kate Middleton's style and wardrobe may have to change as she steps into a new role, with a new title.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her firstborn ascended the throne, and the title of King Charles naturally reverted to Prince William. In her turn, Kate Middleton, the former Duchess of Cambridge is now the Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton’s next step within the royal family will be to follow in the steps of Queen Consort Camilla when her husband, the Prince of Wales, becomes the King of England.

The new title may force Kate Middleton to be much more careful about her public appearances. And even if she is a campaigner for sustainability and recycles many outfits, wearing them with different accessories, she will have to bid farewell to some items of clothing once her status changed.

Will Kate Middleton's Wardrobe Change?

Royalty and fashion expert Miranda Holder talked to about the dress code Kate Middleton will have to follow. According to the expert, her Royal Highness will have to be much soberer. But not awkward. We fondly remember Queen Elizabeth's colorful outfits.

She's also no longer allowed hair accessories, instead opting for statement hats when etiquette calls for it.

According to the royal expert, the transition will be easy, and light dresses will give way to thicker, monochromatic materials. Of course, the clothing will follow the personal imprint of Kate Middleton and will be in perfect harmony with her style and fine figure.

Miranda Holder explained that "it is likely that we will see her wardrobe become more formal and appropriate for her position."

"Her immaculate outfits will no doubt remain stylish enough to enthrall her loyal fashion-loving fan." The stylist then said she believes that Kate’s image will evolve further, "to reflect this new phase in her royal life."

Miranda explained that since her arrival in the royal family, "we have witnessed Kate’s fresh-faced girl next door appeal morph into a sophisticated and elegant style sensation treading the tricky line between royalty and celebrity in her favorite nude-toned court shoes with panache."

According to the royal fashion expert, it is shoes like this that may have to be left behind in favor of a more formal style, along with some of her accessories.

"The more flirtatious fancier accessories such as hatbands will be fully phased out for more imposing hats," Miranda said.

Same way, the more "floaty" fabrics "and prints such as polka dots" will eventually give away to "more immaculately cut tailoring in Kate’s signature fit and flare style which complements her graceful figure perfectly."

Kate Middleton's Wardrobe - Probably The Most Important Royal Wardrobe Of The Moment

A few days ago, Kate Middleton stepped out for her first solo royal engagement as Princess of Wales visiting the Royal Surrey County Hospital's maternity unit. Kate Middleton wore a cheerful yellow dress for the occasion from British fashion house Karen Millen, which celebrity stylist and royal fashion expert Miranda Holder says was very intentional.

"Not Appropriate For A Future Queen Kate's Middleton's Wardrobe May Have To Change

"Princess Kate's wardrobe is probably the most important royal wardrobe of the moment—her every outfit being scrutinized around the world the moment she steps out into the public eye," Holder told Newsweek.

"The High Street element of her wardrobe, like every other, will have been planned and premeditated as the impact of every tiny style statement is understood by the palace to communicate to the world an important message."

"This 'diplomatic dressing' was originally mastered by the late Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Kate is now carrying this fashion legacy forward," Miranda continued.

"We have recently seen Kate rewear and rework some old favorite designer pieces which also helps to keep the princess relevant and accessible, and wearing High Street is another way of doing this. This is a thoroughly modern monarchy and the princess and Prince William have expressed in many ways, with clothing being just one of them, that they are of the people and close to the people."

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