Paris Fashion Week: The New Courreges And Rochas Collections

Leather garments, miniskirts, and oversized jackets are the trends for the coming autumn-winter season presented on the Paris fashion catwalk by the Courreges and Rochas.

The two fashion brands reinvented their own codes launched in the romantic 1960s, EFE reports.

The Courreges collection, designed by Nicolas di Felice, starred the vinyl jacket and leather trousers alongside the mini skirts that made the brand's founder André Courreges attain worldwide fame in the 1960s.

Miniskirts no longer have a trapezoidal shape, they were reduced to a simple piece of fabric, fitted on the thighs, low-waisted, and tied at the sides with flanges.
Paris Fashion Week: The New Courreges And Rochas Collections Wow
This economy of material contrasts with the voluminous, puff-sleeved jackets, which designer Nicolas di Felice has combined with very long mustache boots with pronounced reinforcement at the knee.

Masculine jackets, as well as sweatshirts in a narrow range of white, black, and grey, will be the stars of the Autumn/Winter 2022/23 collection, presented on the third day of the Paris Fashion Week.

The Courreges collection also included berets that will become an accessory, paired with flared trousers, as well as with maxi dresses split at the back, or symmetrical on the sides.

Rochas's New Collection

The Paris Fashion Week also saw the presentation of the Rochas fashion house collection, which has abandoned its familiar romantic elitism in favor of a gothic style, dominated by black with discreet accents of white, found in voluminous shirts with exaggerated collars or ruffles.

High studded boots stood out, contrasting with romantic pleated skirts or steamy, elongated train-like shirts at the back.

The presentation took place at the Palais de Tokyo, which houses the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Paris, to the strains of low, melancholic music.

The accessories also stood out, braided straps of metallic leather worn on the hand like a bracelet, and fake nails, exaggeratedly long like claws.

Rochas turned to midi skirts, which it has recreated in a wide variety of styles, adorned with feathers, ruffles, metallic appliqués, and lace inlays.

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