Protest At Cannes Film Festival. Smoke "Bombs" Hidden In Underwear

A huge banner with the names of women killed in France was unfurled on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival to draw attention to femicide victims in France.

Angélique, Evelyne, Sofya, Nadia... The names of the 129 women victims of femicide, who were killed in France since the last festival in July 2021, have been displayed on the steps of the Festival. The activists dressed in black used fumigants, wrapping the red carpet in black smoke.

"We are in black because we are in mourning,"  said the activists who hid the smoke devices in their underwear.

Members of the "Les Colleuses" feminist collective stormed the red carpet during the premiere of the film "Holy Spider".

"Holy Spider", an Iranian film, is based on the story of a serial killer who murdered at least 16 women.

Two Protests Took Place At Cannes Film Festival

The scene was immortalized by photographer Raymond Depardon, whose son Simon, together with Marie Perennès, made the documentary "Riposte féministe", which follows these activists who, often at night, paste messages on city walls to denounce sexist violence, street harassment, and bring messages of support to victims of sexual assault and femicide.

This was not the only feminist action that took place during the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. On Friday, the premiere of George Miller's Three Thousand Years Of Longing was interrupted by a woman protesting against sexual violence during the war in Ukraine.

The woman tore off her clothes during the film's red carpet procession to reveal the message "Stop raping us" written across her torso painted in blue and yellow - the colors of the Ukraine flag. Security guards quickly encircled her and took her off the red carpet. At that moment the woman wore only a pair of underwear stained with blood-red paint.

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