Ronaldo Likes Wearing a Women's Diamond Engagement Ring and a Rare Rolex that is Worth a Fortune

Cristiano Ronaldo loves luxury jewelry. He likes wearing diamond rings and diamond watches that are worth a fortune.

For example, when he attended the International Sports Conference in Dubai, Ronaldo wore accessories that cost about 820,000 dollars.

When he is on the field and does his magic, and stands out like no other player. In a similar manner, Ronaldo - one of the highest-paid athletes in the world - knows how to stand out at public events.

At that particular event mentioned, the superstar footballer chose to wear his famous lady's diamond ring that he often likes to wear, which seems to be an engagement ring, a valuable luxury watch, and another extravagant diamond ring.

Ronaldo always wears high-class jewelry

The diamond Rolex displayed by Cristiano Ronaldo at the event in Dubai is worth around 500,000 dollars. The engagement ring with a huge cushion-cut yellow diamond at its center is worth 260,000 dollars, and the other diamond ring Ronaldo wore is over 65,000 dollars.
Ronaldo Likes Wearing a Women's Diamond Engagement Ring

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his love of extravagant luxury jewelry.

This rare Rolex GMT-Master Ice model is the most expensive variant ever made by the manufacturer. The watch is made out of 18-carat white gold and is adorned with hundreds of 30-carat diamonds.

According toThe Mirror, Ronaldo also owns a rare Franck Muller watch valued at a remarkable 1.66 million dollars, described as "rare, stunning and complicated" by the UK's only supplier of the brand, Frost of London.

He also likes to buy his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, a well-known model and actress, very expensive jewelry. For example, in 2018, Ronaldo bought her a huge Cartier diamond ring worth more than 815,000 dollars.

The Portuguese superstar has massive Instagram and Facebook followings, both ranking as the biggest of any person on the planet.

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