Smell Like A King! Prince Charles Launches His First Perfume

Prince Charles, known as a lover of gardening and flowers, launched his first perfume in collaboration with the Penhaligon brand. Named "Highgrove Bouquet", the fragrance is inspired by Charles' personal garden.

The son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles has the most expertise in the garden and his family residence - Highgrove Estate - is dedicated to growing the freshest herbs and beautiful flowers.

Now, the Prince of Wales decided to bottle some of his garden's most exquisite scents, paying homage to the "magnificent fragrance" of Highgrove Gardens in summer.

linden Prince Charles Launches
Smell Like A King! Prince Charles Launches His First Perfume garden
Prince Charles's Perfume Inspired By Nature & Beauty

"Highgrove Bouquet" combines notes of geranium, lavender, and hyacinth; middle notes of weeping lime headspace, French mimosa, and tuberose; and base notes of cedarwood, orris fusion, and musks.

According to Martha Stewart's blog, the perfume is also an ode to the warm-weather season, "when the odor of blossoming weeping silver lime fills the air, and Highgrove Gardens is full of its branches, with their blooming, uplifting, floral notes," the gardens' website reads.

"Highgrove Bouquet is a new scent inspired by and created with HRH The Prince of Wales, [and is] in part, a tribute to the magnificently fragrant summers at Highgrove Gardens," the gardens' website says.

Royal garden Smell Like A King! Prince Charles Launches His First Perfume

Prince Charles teamed up with the famous Penhaligon perfume brand. The fragrance is currently only available in the UK.  Highgrove Bouquet Eau de Parfum costs $151.33. 10% of sales profits will go towards The Prince's Foundation, which supports education and training programs in areas like horticulture, traditional arts, and engineering.

"Sustainable practice ebbs from every corner of Highgrove Gardens. Hence, a fragrance that couldn't put a foot wrong, even if it so desired. Highgrove Bouquet. Such confidence. Such sophistication. Such charm.

Weeping silver lime, mimosa, cedar-wood, and Orris.

Concocted with the planet in mind, the fragrance features sustainably sourced ingredients and its packaging is made of 100% recycled and recyclable paper and sugar cane eco-foam, and printing using all organic ink, free of mineral oils. #highgrovebouqet" Penhaligons London says on Instagram. 

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