So Funny! The Most Unusual Burglary Attempt At A Chanel Factory

A factory of the luxury brand Chanel was recently the scene of a burglary attempt.

The thieves were arrested and one of them surprised the police with an incredible declaration: he said he needed only the... wooden pallets from the Chanel factory, not the luxury goods.

The Burglary At Chanel Factory

The thieves broke into the Chanel factory in Meux, near Compiègne, close to Paris. Six men of Romanian origin, residing in a camp in Seine-Saint-Denis, tried to steal perfumes and other cosmetics from a warehouse, according to Le Parisien.

But they were stopped in time by the security guards, who notified the police. At the scene, the police realized that the thieves had devised an ingenious plan. They entered the warehouse yard after cutting the fence, with a van they had stolen a few days before. They had improvised a system of hooks and levers with which they were going to pull the pallets of cosmetics from the warehouse directly into the van.

The thieves' operation did not go as expected, and the security guards got alerted. The burglars managed to escape, some jumping the fence, others with the car they had come to rob. Only one of them was caught on the spot - Costinel M., 42 years old - and was arrested.

The Incredible Explanation Of The Thief

After 30 minutes, another thief, a 30 years old man, was caught. Following the investigation, the police established that six thieves participated in the burglary and it seems that all of them have been identified. On Monday, in front of the court, Costinel M. did not deny the act but said that he actually wanted to steal the wooden pallets, which he needed to... pick grapes.

He also said that the idea was not his, but that of one of his colleagues.

Because he already has two other convictions for thefts committed in Lyon and Montpellier, Costinel M. was sentenced to 6 months in prison. The other thieves are still being sought by the police.

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