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Article: The Boy Who Ignored Angelina Jolie In A Ukrainian Cafe Shop Becomes A Meme

The Boy Who Ignored Angelina Jolie In A Ukrainian Cafe Shop Becomes Meme
Angelina Jolie

The Boy Who Ignored Angelina Jolie In A Ukrainian Cafe Shop Becomes A Meme

A 14-year-old boy from Lviv named Julian, who accidentally was caught in a video with Angelina Jolie, has become the subject of memes on social media.

Julian revealed why he paid no attention to the Hollywood star while sitting at a table. According to the boy, he heard English chatter nearby but was too focused on the music in his headphones and Instagram stream.

At first, the eighth-grader perceived his unexpected popularity as a "daydream," as the video with him and Angelia Jolie went viral online in just half an hour.

Why Did The Boy Ignore Angelina Jolie In The Ukrainian Cafe Shop

Julian went to the cafe shop to grab a bite to eat on his way home. Standing with his back to the door, he didn't see who came in.

"I sat down at a table and I heard someone speaking English. I thought it was some kind of American celebrity on Instagram. I saw her, but somehow I didn't understand, I didn't recognize her," the boy from Lviv recalled.

The teenager admitted that he has seen many movies with Angelina Jolie in the lead role, but he said she looks different off the set.

"In reality, she is very beautiful. But in the movies, you know, sometimes she puts on make-up so that even her mother doesn't recognize her," the schoolboy joked.

He also admitted that when customers were getting the star's autographs and taking pictures, he was focused on his Instagram posts and the music in his headphones.

Julian Discovered At Home That He Was Already Famous

Not suspecting anything, Julian went home. Within 30 minutes, the video featuring him was already being distributed online.

"I got home and then my mum shows me a video a neighbor sent her, she said I was popular. I surfed for half an hour and saw it was all over the sites. You know, it's like a daydream," he shared.

The 14-year-old started collecting memes about himself, which are in the dozens, if not hundreds on the internet.

What Did Angelina Jolie Find in Ukraine

Recently, Angelina Jolie visited Ukraine where she spoke to people traumatized by the war. The star was in the town of Lviv, near the Polish border, and was shocked by what she saw there.

Angelina Jolie has spoken out on social media about the dramatic situation of the Ukrainian people.
 Boy Who Ignored Angelina Jolie Ukrainian Cafe Shop Becomes Meme

"While I was in Lviv a few days ago, I was shown a 'special stone' found by a little girl. The little girl who found it didn't realize the stone she was playing with was in fact a piece of shrapnel from a bomb. Sitting in the palm of your hand, it’s jagged and heavier than you would expect. Its shine and unusual nature must have caught the child’s eye.

When a bomb or shell explodes, sharp fragments of heavy metal tear into the bodies of those near the point of impact. Many of the children I met from the Kramatorsk train station bombing had pieces of shrapnel recently removed - a difficult and painful process. Fragments close to vital organs were too dangerous to remove and remained inside some of the children’s bodies.

There is no sense to be made from such harm to children, that goes beyond physical injury to the emotional and mental manifestations of trauma.

The fight to end a war, like the one being suffered in Ukraine, is a race to limit the number of casualties killed, injured, displaced, and traumatized every day," Angelina Jolie wrote on her official Instagram account.

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