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Article: The Fabulous Yacht of Giorgio Armani

The Fabulous Yacht of Giorgio Armani - DSF Antique Jewelry
Giorgio Armani

The Fabulous Yacht of Giorgio Armani

"Main", the yacht owned by one of the greatest fashion designers of the 20th century, Giorgio Armani, is a true masterpiece created in the designer's style. It is elegant, luxurious, and has refined details that stand out.

Giorgio Armani does not take a step back when it comes to hard work and is also very discreet about his private life. In addition to fashion, one of his great passions is the sea, sailing, and enjoying days without putting his foot on land. That's why he invested so much in this hobby. And from this passion, "Main" was born, a luxury yacht like no other, Epoch Times reports.

Purchased in 2008 and built at the CODECASA shipyard, this is not the first yacht owned by the Italian designer. His previous yacht - "Mariù" - was smaller, and it seems it helped him realize what he really wanted next, so the fabulous "Main" was born.

Inside Giorgio Arman's Yacht

"Main" exudes elegance in its 65 meters length. It is painted in English green and black, colors that the designer chose to camouflage himself in the sea.

"I wanted Main to look strong and compact, not be covered with the dazzling white paint you can see from a distance, so that people could say, 'Oh, this is his boat here and there,'" Giorgio Armani said. 

Armani yacht

The construction of the yacht lasted 30 months, most of the time being dedicated to satisfying the specifications and requirements of the Italian designer. One of the most uncommon was that the blinds should be in line with the design of the ship so that it looked like it had no windows.

Another requirement was to focus on the salon, in the construction of which he wanted a sliding deck to expand the space to the maximum.The fabulous yacht of Giorgio Armani

As expected, there is no shortage of furniture with the signature "Casa Armani", all of it following a line of simplicity and excellent sobriety.

The Fabulous Yacht of Giorgio Armani

Inside Yacht of Giorgio Armani

Although there are occasional parties inside the yacht, the designer prefers more intimate meetings with his friends, especially if it is a getaway to sail for a few days.

And, noticing the details, there is definitely no shortage of space on "Main".

As for the cabins, the main cabin has a terrace, a small lounge, and a large bathroom with a jacuzzi. There is also a locker room.

The Fabulous Yacht of Giorgio Armani room

The rest of the cabins are quite spacious, and luxury is reflected in every detail, from linen to paintings and the arrangement of the furniture.

 Yacht of Giorgio Armani bed

The bathrooms are covered with marble, and the furniture, although it signed "Casa Armani", in this case, it was made exclusively for Giorgio Armani and it is not for sale, so they are unique creations.

Fabulous Yacht Giorgio Armani

As you can see, the ladder was made with extraordinary skill.

Ladder Yacht of Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani's yacht also has a cinema room, a whirlpool, a solarium, a gym, seven spacious cabins for guests. and eight for the crew.

A true work of art that navigates the waters of the seas and oceans to the joy of this refined designer.

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