The Fortunes Of The Richest Ukrainians Were Reduced Drastically Due To The War

Forbes magazine has updated its global list of billionaires. The brutal war started by Rusia has significantly reduced the wealth of the richest Ukrainians.

Rinat Ahmetov, the owner of the football team Shahtior Donetsk, is still the richest Ukrainian in the world, with an estimated net wealth of 4.2 billion dollars, half of which is an estimated 75% stake in "Metinvest", taking into account the accumulated profit for 2021.

However, compared to February 2022, the difference is colossal: Rinat Ahmetov has basically lost 9.5 billion dollars since the war started.

What Happened With The Fortunes Of The Richest Ukrainians

The co-founders of "Grammarly" Alexey Shevchenko and Maxim Lytvyn are listed as Canadian citizens on the global list. The US magazine Forbes estimates their wealth at 4 billion dollars each.

Victor Pinchuk's fortune has fallen from 2.6 billion dollars to 1.9 billion dollars. 900 million of this amount is in foreign real estate, about half a billion - in cash and other liquid assets.

The valuation of Kostyantyn Zhevago's property decreased by 0.8 billion dollars to 1.3 billion dollars, primarily due to the decrease in the value of "Ferrexpo" shares. His 50% stake, according to current London Stock Exchange quotations, is worth 578 million dollars. Kostyantyn Zhevago holds almost the same amount in foreign currency.

Vadim Novinsky (1.3 billion dollars), Vlad Yatsenko (1.1 billion dollars), Ghenadi Bogolyubov (1.1 billion dollars) and Igor Kolomoisky (1 billion dollars) remain billionaires.

Alexander and Galina Geregi, as well as former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, have lost their billionaire status since the war started on 24 February.

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