The Gold Train Of An Ukrainian Oligarch Accused Of Treason

A Ukrainian oligarch accused of high treason, Victor Medvedchuk, who escaped from house arrest after the Russian invasion, was living his life in extreme luxury.

Ukrainian journalists visited Viktor Medvedchuk’s magnificent palace in Pushcha-Vodytsya and they were amazed by the luxury they found. And not only in the palace only but also in its surroundings. The biggest surprise they had was to discover a "gold train" under a green camouflage net. 

The Gold Train Of An Ukrainian Oligarch

Looking under the camouflage net, they discovered a real railway platform, and on the platform – a blue restaurant car with the big golden name "Pullman".  It seems that Russian President Putin’s godfather Viktor Medvedchuk did not want this restaurant car to be seen in case a curious journalist would fly a drone over his estate so he hid it.

Gold Train Of Ukrainian Oligarch

According to Ukrainian journalists, the train/restaurant car was a birthday present for the oligarch from his wife Oksana Marchenko, who is currently in Moscow.

The Gold Train

"On the rails is a blue dining car with the inscription in large gold letters 'Pullman'. This is the name of a company that produces luxury cars and railroad cars. Pullman wagons of this type were popular in the last century when rich Europeans traveled by rail, " Slidstvo.Info reports.

"At first, we thought that the Medvedchuk family had ordered this car from Pullman and checked its price – luxury custom cars cost up to $ 2.5 million. Later we learned that hundreds made the car of Ukrainian craftsmen, the designers simply 'borrowed' sketches from the luxury brand 'Pullman'."

"It's more of a museum than a wagon," notes
Inside the wagon, we find the main hall for 40 people, several separate rooms, a kitchen, VIP compartment, and toilet. The dining car was designed with a bar at the entrance, and the glasses have the golden coat of arms of the Russian Federation.

Next to the golden samovar, which made a great impression on reporters, there is an entrance to the VIP compartment. It is similar to traditional train compartments, only much more luxurious. After pressing the wooden button, the TV is lowered to the table.

The Gold Train Of An Ukrainian Oligarch Glass

The furniture is decorated with velvet and other expensive fabrics and gold is everywhere, even in the toilet and in the wagon's kitchen.

The Gold Train Of An Ukrainian Oligarch Accused Of Treason Toilet

Who Is The Ukrainian Oligarch Accused Of Treason

Viktor Medvedchuk has been an active member of Ukrainian politics for many years. He is a lawyer by profession. In the 1990's he ran his own law firm. He entered politics in 1997 when he was appointed a member of the Supreme Council. A year later he became chairman of the United Social Democratic Party of Ukraine.

In 2002, he became the head of the administration of the President of Ukraine under Leonid Kuchma. He held this position for almost three years. His political position weakened after the "Orange Revolution." He then resigned as chairman of the United Social Democratic Party of Ukraine.

In the following years, Medvedchuk openly supported Vladimir Putin, with whom he also has personal ties. The president of Russia is the godfather of his daughter Darina.

In May last year, he was under house arrest on suspicion of high treason and attempted theft of raw materials in Russia's annexed Crimea. The oligarch escaped house arrest four days after Russia began invading Ukraine.

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