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Article: The Greatest Master Chef In The World

The Greatest Master Chef In The World - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Greatest Master Chef In The World

Who is the world's best master chef? The answer is Frenchman Guy Savoy, according to representatives of gastronomic aggregator "La Liste".

The French aggregator announced recently the ranking of the planet's 1,000 best restaurants, also revealing a major advance by Nordic chefs in this year's edition, AFP reports.

The World's Greatest Chef -  A Frenchmen

Based on a compilation of gastronomic guides and reviews, this year's top restaurant is considered the three Michelin-starred Guy Savoy's "Monnaie de Paris", which serves his famous artichoke soup with black truffles and mushroom muffins.

Master chef Guy Savoy has been at the top of this ranking since 2017, either individually or ex aequo.
Guy Savoy/Facebook

"Guy Savoy continues to get unanimous votes from all guides, all publications, and food reviews; it is never criticized," said Helene Pietrini, managing director of aggregator La Liste.

The Nordics Advanced In Their Rankings

Swede Bjorn Frantzen broke into the top with his Stockholm restaurant "Frantzen" (in level 2 with seven other restaurants, fifth overall) and his restaurant "Zen" in Singapore (level 6, 47th place).

Danish restaurant "Geranium", located in Copenhagen and run by master chef Rasmus Kofoed, climbed up the rankings and is now ranked at level 7, in the 74th place.

Thanks to this trend, the aggregator "La Liste", created in 2015 at the initiative of the French Foreign Ministry as an equivalent to the "50 Best", is on a par with its influential British competitor, which is often criticized for ignoring French chefs, who are regularly absent from the top 10.

Bjorn Frantzen ranks sixth in the latest edition of the "50 Best", which puts Danish restaurant "Noma" in the first position, followed by "Geranium", and includes only three French establishments ("Arpege", run by Alain Passard, 23rd; "Septieme", run by Bertrand Grebaud, 24th; and "Alleno Paris" in Pavillon Ledoyen, run by Yannick Alleno, 41st).

"There are Nordic chefs in Asia, and the Baltic countries have widely adopted so-called Nordic gastronomies, offering local dishes close to nature, which are a radical departure from the older fashion of molecular gastronomy," pointed out Jorg Zipprick, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the French guide "La Liste".

La Liste, which aims to be "a ranking of rankings", monitors 25,000 restaurants in 200 countries by following food guides, blogs, and press articles, and has already gained notoriety in France, China, South Korea, and Japan.

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