The Heist Of The Century: $1 Billion Nazi Treasure Hidden In Switzerland

A $1 billion Nazi treasure trove is hidden in Switzerland. The discovery was made by an Argentinian investigator named Pedro Filipuzzi who uncovered documents that reveal a mystery kept hidden for 78 years. 
A list of 12,000 Nazis who allegedly held a secret bank account at Credit Suisse came to light. Pedro Filipuzz handed it over to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization that conducts Holocaust research and hunts Nazis around the world.

Officials from Simon Wiesenthal said they had sent a letter to Credit Suisse vice-president Christian Kung, which read: 
"We believe it very probable that these dormant accounts hold monies looted from Jewish victims, under the Nuremberg Aryanization laws of the 1930s. "We are aware that you already have claimants as alleged heirs of Nazis in the list. "
$1 Billion Nazi Treasure Hidden In Switzerland

Investigators have asked for access to Credit Suisse's archives to recover funds on behalf of the remaining Holocaust survivors.

Dr. Ariel Gelblung, who works for the organization, said: "Not all of the 12,000 people on that list were people who transferred Nazi money to Germany, but all the people who did so are on that list."

"The bank has to open its files so we can investigate."

Credit Suisse has previously been accused of hoarding secret fortunes belonging to clients involved in torture, drug trafficking, money laundering, and corruption from the 1940s to the present day.

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