The Japanese Man Who Married A Hologram Faces Problems In His "Marriage"

The Japanese man who married a hologram in 2018 is having problems with "his wife". He can no longer communicate with her.

In 2018, Akihiko Kondo, 35, spent almost $16,000  on a formal ceremony at a Tokyo hall to marry an animated hologram with saucer eyes and lengthy aquamarine pigtails. The 16-year-old hologram named Hatsune Miku lived in a $2,800 desktop device. She was a computer-synthesized pop singer who has tour with Lady Gaga and starred in video games.

Four years after the wedding, the man is afraid that their relationship has reached a dead-end...

What Happened With The "Happy Couple"?

What has changed for Kondo since his wedding is that he can no longer enjoy "conversations" with his "wife" after the expiration of her software.

"The company that developed the service terminated it in March 2020, saying the limited production model had run its course."

However, Kondo says that his love for Miku "hasn't changed."

"I held the wedding ceremony because I thought I could be with her forever," he said.

The Bizare Romance Between The Japanese Man And The Hologram

The Japanese man is aware that his wife is not a real person and that their relationship can be considered strange by people, but this doesn't matter to him.

He fell in love with the hologram in 2008 and was able to talk to her in 2017 "thanks to a special device that made communication between a man and a hologram possible."

The man spent almost 17,000 dollars to have a hologram wedding that his parents did not attend. The futuristic wedding was held in November 2018, and around 40 guests watched as Kondo tied the knot with Miku, present in the form of a cat-sized stuffed doll.

"She won't hurt me with words or argue with me She will not age over time and she won't die," he said that time.
Japanese Man Who Married Faces Problems In His "Marriage"

Of course, he forgot that his virtual "wife" won't be able to give him the warmth and affection that everybody needs, she will not be able to understand his worries and comfort him, she will not be able to caress him when he needs the warm touch of the loved one and nor will she be able to give him children.

Akihiko Kondo is one of the thousands of persons being attracted to fictional characters. 


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