The Japanese Nursing Home That "Hires" Children To Cheer Up The Elderly

A Japanese nursing home "hires" young children to cheer up the elderly. What do they get in return?

The management of a nursing home in Japan has announced that it is "hiring" babies and children under the age of four to keep seniors company and cheer them up. In return, they receive nappies and formula, AFP reports.

According to the announcement made by the nursing home in Kitakyushu, in southwestern Japan, parents or guardians of the little ones must sign a contract stipulating that they can come to work "whenever they feel like it".

When they are hungry, sleepy, or "whenever they want", children can take a break, the contract says.

A Japanese Nursing Home That "Hires" Children To Cheer Up The Elderly

So far more than 30 children have been enrolled. Their main job is to lift the spirits of the more than 100 residents, most of them octogenarians.

"Just seeing the babies makes our residents smile. There's no duty roster or anything like that," said Kimie Gondo, director of the nursing home.

The "We're hiring!" notice on the wall of the home also informs that the little ones will receive diapers and formula in exchange for their services.

They will actually have to walk around the nursing home with their parents or guardians, the offer states.

"The children stay with their mothers all the time. It's like going for a walk in a park," the director of the Japanese nursing home added.

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