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Article: The Largest Diamonds In The World. How Much Are They Worth?

The Largest Diamonds In The World. How Much Are They Worth? - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Largest Diamonds In The World. How Much Are They Worth?

The largest diamonds in the world cost a fortune and their price is skyrocketing.

Everybody loves diamonds. Especially ladies and young ladies definitely want them in their jewelry box. But there are diamonds that only a few can buy.

The Largest Diamonds In The World. They Cost Fortunes

Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth about 100 miles or so below the surface.

Though all of them are "forged" by the high temperature and high pressure beneath the earth, not all diamonds are the same. Some diamonds are bigger than others and others are special by color and features.

During our long history, diamonds have always mesmerized gemologists, fascinated jewelry lovers, and continue to break price records.

An Incredible Rare Diamond - The Sakura

One of the most astonishing diamonds ever sold is The Sakura. This incredibly beautiful gemstone of 15.81 carats recently was sold for $29.3 million in Hong Kong. Sakura (meaning Cherry Blossom in Japanese) was considered to be the largest purple-pink diamond offered at auction.

But the most expensive diamond in history is believed to be the Koh-I-Noor. The diamond weighs 105.6 carats and its actual price is not known. The stone is believed to have been mined from India in the 1300s, but there are still many legends surrounding it.

Five Of The Larges Diamonds In The World

1. Sergio – It weighs 3167 carats and is believed to be the largest rough diamond in the world. This spectacular black carbonado diamond was found in 1895 in Bahia, Brazil. Carbonados are very rare and are the most durable form of a diamond. They often resemble carbon in their natural form.

Some experts believe that Sergio hails from space, a fragment of a supernova that occurred 3.8 billion years ago and landed on Earth 2.3 billion years ago.

2. Cullinan  - The world's second-largest diamond was discovered in the Premier Mine in South Africa in 1905. Named for the owner of the mine, Thomas Cullinan, the Cullinan Diamond was a massive 3,106 carat in an uncut state.

3. Lesedi La Rona – It weighs 1111 carats and it was unearthed in 2015 in the Karowe Mine in Botswana.

4. Excelsior Diamond - it was considered the largest diamond in the world before the discovery of Cullinan and Sergio  It roughly weighed 972 carats and had the shape of a leaf. It was found in South Africa’s Jagersfontein Mine in Northern Cape Province.

5. Star of Sierra Leone - This exquisite diamond is considered to be the fifth largest diamond in the world. It weighs 969 Carats and it was found in 1972 in the Diminco mine in Sierra Leone. It was initially purchased for approximately $2.5 million by jeweler Harry Winston, who cut the diamond into a 143.2 emerald-cut gem.

Interesting Facts About Diamonds

- Diamonds are the hardest natural substance in the world. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond!

- Diamonds form about 100 miles underground and are brought to the surface by volcanic activity.

- Diamonds are the only gemstones made up of a single element. They are made of pure carbon.

- Diamonds come in all the colors of the rainbow.

-  The rarest natural diamond colors are blue, green, orange, and red.

-  The word diamond comes from the Greek word "Adamas". It means invincible or indestructible. Many ancient cultures had beliefs about diamonds.

- Some believed that diamonds gave their wearers courage and strength in battle. In the Middle Ages, many believed that diamonds had healing properties.

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