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Article: The Star of Alrosa Jubilee Auction Number 100 in Dubai - a Huge 242 Carat Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond
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The Star of Alrosa Jubilee Auction Number 100 in Dubai - a Huge 242 Carat Rough Diamond

Important announcement for diamond lovers: The star of the Jubilee auction with number 100 that will take place in Dubai, in March, will be a rare rough diamond that weighs 242.31 carats.

Offered by the world's largest producer of rough diamonds, ALROSA, a major player in the diamond industry, under the control of the Russian state, the gemstone is the size of a small egg (21.7x31.3x41.9 millimeters) and can be viewed at the company's sales office in Dubai on March 14-21.
The auction in which the diamond will change its owner takes place on March 22 and will start at a price of 2 million dollars.

Rough Diamonds, Extremely Rare in Nature

ALROSA's director of sales, Evgeny Agureev, said in a press release that it is very rare for rough diamonds to be put up for auction, all the more so as they are extremely rare in nature.

Rough Diamond

„According to the law, all rough diamonds larger than 50 carats mined in Russia undergo a state examination for redemption to the state fund. Even when it is possible to put them on sale on the market, we prefer to cut and polish the diamond in-house before. Thus, today we are especially pleased to present this exceptional lot as part of our 100th international auction”, said Agureev.

Dubai viewings will also feature two outstanding diamonds of 190.74 and 136.21 carats each and a range of notable diamonds over 10.8 carats.
According to Reuters, the last time when ALROSA offered a rough diamond of such a size at an open auction was five years ago.

Rough Diamond

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