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Article: Ukrainian Band Antytila Teams Up With Ed Sheeran For Song Filmed On The Front Line

Ukrainian Band Antyla Teams Up With Ed Sheeran For A Song Filmed On The Front Line
Band Antyla

Ukrainian Band Antytila Teams Up With Ed Sheeran For Song Filmed On The Front Line

The Ukrainian band Antytila has teamed up with Ed Sheeran to record and release a charity single and music video while fighting Russia's invasion. Proceeds from this song will go to support the Ukrainian people.

Antytila is one of the biggest musical bands in Ukraine but stopped singing to join the Army.

"The sirens interrupted our sleep, grabbed in two suitcases everything that is in the past, then go!" sings frontman Taras Topolia on the group's remix of Ed Sheeran's hit single "2step".
Ukrainian Band Antyla Teams Up With Ed Sheeran For A Song

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Taras Topolia added a new verse to the song and created a video partly filmed amid the war with Russia. He said although it was dangerous he and his colleague just did their jobs.

"We were doing our job. And while driving between the positions where we fought against Russia, we just stopped on the road and shot this video with our GoPro camera," he said.

As a father of three, Topolia wanted the music video -  which shows a young family fleeing the war by car - to tell the story of the "painful and difficult situation" of Ukrainian children.
Ukrainian Band Antyla Teams Ed Sheeran For A Song Filmed Front Line

Topola also said the lyrics were created while he was serving as a medic on the front line in Borodyanka, a town that was occupied by the Russians. Ukrainian troops have since regained control over the area but the town was badly damaged by the invaders.

How Did Sheeran And Antylla Partner For The Song?

Earlier this year, Antytila became viral after they posted a video offering to perform via a live link at a concert for Ukraine in Birmingham.

Organizers of the concert, which featured Ed Sheeran, turned down the offer because of the group's association with the military. Topolya said that because of this, Sheeran's team then proposed a collaboration with them.

"Ed feels that pain, compassion, and sympathy for the Ukrainian people," Topola told BBC.

The new song has already become viral on YouTube.

"It has already raised awareness about the situation in Ukraine and this process is continuing," Topolya said. "I am very glad a famous singer supports Ukrainians."

"Ed Sheeran, his team, and others understand that we need help and support to survive and win. And I am very grateful for this," he added.
You can watch the music video here.

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