Regé Jean-Page Is Considered, By Science, The Most Beautiful Man In The World

Dr. Julian De Silva, a plastic surgeon, has determined who is the world's most beautiful man using facial mapping techniques.

Making use of the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, plastic surgeon Julian De Silva deemed British actor Regé-Jean Page from Netflix's series "Bridgerton" the winner.

Of course, in general, finding someone attractive depends on personal preference, but, as we said, De Silva used other benchmarks in his study.

Specifically, the report looks at the symmetry of a person's face to determine how attractive they are perceived to be.

Leonardo Da Vinci was known for using this tool in his works to make them more visually appealing.
 Considered, By Science, The Most Beautiful Man In The WorldWho Is The Most Beautiful Man In The World

Taking these criteria into account, Dr. De Silva found Page's ratio was 93.65%, making him the most attractive male celebrity.

"Regé won because of his classically handsome face and gorgeous brown eyes. He easily had the highest score for the distance between his eyes, and his eye positioning also scored high.

Her perfectly contoured lips also scored high, and the only score she scored slightly lower was for the width and length of her nose," explained Dr. Julian De Silver.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth scored 93.53% and American Michael B. Jordan came third with 93.46%.

It is worth mentioning that the attractive and famous actor George Clooney ranked only 8th in the TOP 10 with a score of 89.91%.

Here below are the top 10 most attractive male celebrities, according to Science.

Regé-Jean Page - 93.65%.
Chris Hemsworth - 93.53%
Michael B Jordan - 93.46%
Harry Styles - 92.30%
Jude Bellingham - 92.22%
Robert Pattison - 92.15%
Chris Evans - 91.92%
George Clooney - 89.91%
Henry Golding - 87.98%
Dwayne Johnson - 86.07%

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