Young Tennis Superstar Emma Raducanu Is The New Face Of Porche

British tennis player Emma Raducanu will be one of the faces of Porsche and will represent the sports car manufacturer worldwide as a Brand Ambassador.

"For me to be a brand ambassador for Porsche means a lot," says Emma Raducanu. "Porsche is one of the brands I’ve always loved from a young age. One of my first tennis coaches drove a 911."
"Whenever I would turn up to practice in the morning, I would see his Porsche, I would go wow and be like dreaming of one day sitting in my own. Growing up, I would go to Brands Hatch and watch the Porsche Carrera Cup finals. The adrenalin I would get from motorsports and seeing the Porsches was actually the most fun part of my week. It’s really important for me to align with partners and brands that I really feel passionate about and that I identify with. I think this partnership with Porsche is incredible and obviously, I’m really excited to see what sort of exciting things we can do going forwards."
Ema Raducanu - A Name Sought After By Giants Like Dior And Tiffany

This is the sixth big contract signed by the British superstar after she wrote tennis history at the US Open.

Emma Raducanu (19 years old) has already amassed a fortune from the association with big brands. After the triumph at Flushing Meadows, she signed seven-digit sponsorship deals with Dior, Tiffany & Co, Evian, British Airways, Vodafone UK, and now Porsche. She is also under contracts with the technical sponsors Nike and Wilson.

Why is Emma Raducanu so sought after by big companies? The explanation is simple. She is young, British, fluent in Mandarin, which is exceptionally important in the Far East and very useful for large organizations, and she has charisma.

Sponsorship contracts began to run after the player with a Chinese mother and a Romanian father chose the marketing company IMG to represent her interests.

Max Eisenbud, IMG's vice president, who also dealt with the image of Maria Sharapova, recently explained the difference between the former Russian player and Emma.

"The difference between Maria winning Wimbledon and Emma winning the US Open comes down to social media. There was no social network in 2004. They made things move so fast. It's at warp speed," he said.

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