Antique or Vintage - What's The Difference?

Vintage and antique jewelry has a timeless appeal - after all, it has already withstood the test of time. From the sophisticated to the outrageous, vintage and antique jewelry of different eras in time vary in styles and can easily complement any outfit. 

Vintage and antique jewelry will never go out of style because of its historical value, outstanding workmanship. Elegant aesthetics secure it a place in the world of fashion for decades to come, making for a good investment as well.

Antique Opal Gold Brooch


Is it Vintage or Antique?

Have you ever wondered if a jewelry piece is a "vintage" or an "antique" find? Sometimes we hear people use the term interchangeably. Actually, there is a "timeline" defined explanation for the two terms.

When looking at the story of a vintage or antique piece, you may want to know what the difference in these two terms is.

Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry which is at least 20 or more years old, so to be considered “vintage” it could be anything made during the 1990’s to 1920's. 

Antique Jewelry

Jewelry which is over 100 years old, the piece would have to be made before 1910’s to be called “antique”.

Time Periods

Knowing which period the vintage or antique jewelry comes from will bring you closer answering some questions you may have about the item.

1715 – 1830 Georgian
1830 – 1900 Victorian
(Romantic 1837-1860, Grand 1861-1880, Aesthetic 1880-1901)
1860 – 1920 Arts & Crafts
1890 – 1915 Art Nouveau
1900 – 1920 Edwardian
1915 – 1935 Art Deco
1935 – 1950 Retro
1950 – Present Modern

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