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Article: Chanel Costume Jewelry

Chanel Costume Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry

Chanel Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry by Chanel

Chanel's passion for creating jewelry came from ancient forms as well as memories of visits to museums and galleries filled with glitter and exceptional pieces. During the early 1920's Chanel introduced luxurious costume jewelry which she herself wore in abundance. The simple shapes of her fabrics formed an ideal background to offset her costume jewelry.
chanel gripoix-vintage-earringsChanel Gold Tone Gripoix Vintage Earrings
Her designs incorporated both imitation and fine gemstones. Chanel was not the first to introduce artificial gemstones. Costume jewelry dates back to the ancient Egyptians times when glass beads were made and used to resemble precious stones.

Gripoix & Chanel 

Chanel Gripoix jewelry is amongst the most desired and collected jewelry in the world. Coco Chanel and Madame Gripoix partnered to produce some of the most beautiful poured glass “pate de verre” jewelry. Madame Gripoix and her husband were famous costume jewelers renowned for their work in enamels and their fine creations of naturalistic forms. Gripoix had a very high reputation and continually mastered new techniques of making and setting jewelry. Chanel regularly used Venetian patterned glass beads, which Gripoix incorporated in to her costume jewelry. Gripoix remains a family run business and continues to work for the House of Chanel. Chanel Metal Mesh Gripoix Pearl Phone Case 

Chanel cherished jewelry but always advocated that it should be worn to decorate rather then display wealth.  Chanel owned a magnificent collection of valuable jewels, much of which she received from wealthy lovers, which she rarely wore. She broke away from all established traditions of when and how jewelry should be worn.

Chanel Designs

Chanel designed much of the jewelry herself, recreating versions of her own precious jewels. Chanel would often advise the jewelers how the arrange the stones in the their mountings. Her costume jewelry creations were absolutely beautiful.
Many of the vintage jewelry designs which Chanel produced in the early days have since become classics. Similar pieces reappear in Chanel's collections to the present day and continue to influence the costume jewelry trade.
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