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Article: Gentlemen's Cufflinks & Stud Sets for Special Occasions

Gentlemen's Cufflinks & Stud Sets for Special Occasions - DSF Antique Jewelry

Gentlemen's Cufflinks & Stud Sets for Special Occasions


Since their creation, cufflinks have always been an important part of the well dressed gentleman's wardrobe. Cufflinks make the perfect gift for a young graduate or for groomsmen. From simple gold links or those mounted with gem stones, you can always find something that fits your lifestyle. 

Cufflinks were produced using a wide variety of materials from silver to gold to electroplated metals. The chain gave way to other alternatives. In 1904, Charvet, a famous Paris shirtmaker, introduced the silk knot which held the cufflink. The popularity of this design later led to the introduction of metal cufflinks in the shape of a silk knot. 

Sometimes in life, the smallest statements are the most revealing. When you raise your wine glass, or reach for the dinner check, you’ll effortlessly unveil these hidden treasures—your cufflinks. The gentlemen that see your cufflinks, may return only the slightest of nods—a gesture of utmost respect, beyond even envy.


Your Style Statement Cufflinks 

Nowadays, cufflinks are considered a fashion accessory for the most part, rather than a wardrobe necessity. That is to say, wearing a shirt with cufflinks doesn’t require wearing a suit. In practice, it can be a suede blazer, and the cufflinks themselves don’t have to be made of metal, they could be made off silk. The combination of cufflinks with casual clothing might be considered walking on thin ice though, and you might want to invest a little bit of time and thought into finding the appropriate attire for your chosen pair of cufflinks.

With the rise of the industrial revolution, cufflinks also went through great changes. Some became ornate and ostentatious, while others were developed using mass production techniques, allowing cufflinks to become widely popular and commonly used. 

There are still a lot of men who wear cufflinks - current fashion trends indicate they have come back in fashion in a big way, especially 1960's and 1970's. People who buy antique cufflinks and designer vintage cufflinks most are collectors who acquire them for good reasons. Antique and vintage cufflinks are particularly collectible since modern creations cannot reach the beautiful craftsmanship of the past, so if you find some that you like don't hesitate to buy them! 

 Buying or Collecting Cufflinks 

To start collecting antique and vintage cufflinks, it's important to know what characteristic to look out for. Firstly, the item's condition is paramount and all collectors should keep their cufflinks in mint condition. However, the condition cannot be assessed with the naked eye alone. Inspection under a loupe/magnifying glass is imperative. Only if a design is very old or very rare, can "mint condition" be a factor that could be waived in value evaluation. Collectibles such as cufflinks should be stored safely in a dust bag away from light and humidity to avoid deterioration and damage. 


Vintage and Antique Cufflinks and Studs Sets in Gold, Platinum and Silver many set with Gemstones. 

Hunt through DSF Antique Jewelry’s online collection of rare vintage and antique cufflinks. When you find  the perfect pair of vintage or antique cufflinks, you’ll have that same satisfaction of a king or Victorian gentleman, knowing that your cufflinks are one-of-a-kind treasures—your own personal style statement.

Please enquire about our extensive collection of antique and vintage cufflinks and studs sets. 


Exquisite Cufflinks and Stud Sets


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