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Article: Five Most Common Misconceptions About Buying Antique Jewelry

Five Most Common Misconceptions About Buying Antique Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry

Five Most Common Misconceptions About Buying Antique Jewelry

Adding antiques to your home and personal style has numerous advantages. Nowadays we are starved of genuine beauty of craftsmanship that our predecessors were able to enjoy on a daily basis. With well picked antique or vintage piece you are getting something original, rare, and made with outstanding care--since Renaissance up to about beginning of  XXth century people in every profession would hone their skills endlessly to ensure quality and aesthetics of each item they produced. There are many misconceptions thought about antique, and today we’re busting the most common ones. 



Misconception 1. Antique and vintage are not "on trend" as style has changed many time since they were made.

The Reality: Styles of yesterday inspire the new styles of today. Antique and vintage fashion offers collectable accessories such as costume jewelry, valuable gems, heirloom pieces as well as designer collections like Chanel, Gucci, YSL. These never go out of style. Look at things you can really live with and create a statement with. For example, fine silver, crystal, china, collectables for your home and antique jewelry for your personal style. 
Let’s face it, in this day and age we’re often left with nearly disposable jewelry, watches, and other accessories. Antique and vintage pieces instantly add a character, an instant dose of texture and energy. These time-honored pieces can cast a new light on the newer pieces in your wardrobe.   


Misconception 2.  Antique and vintage are only for old people.

The Reality: Stunning antique pieces could be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their age. A pair of nice antique cufflinks or watch would make a great Father’s Day gift, just as well an anniversary gift for your boyfriend. The audience for antique and vintage has also expanded thanks to influences from celebrities like Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift, Chloe Sevigny. 

Misconception 3. Antiques are difficult to find.

Antique Coral Earrings

The Reality: Many people think that to score beautifully made antique, they have to travel to far-flung shops outside of the U.S., to far away lands like Morocco or France. In addition antique and vintage are represented in mainstream media as a facet of style and fashion that’s only enjoyed by a select few individuals who are creative and knowledgeable enough to successfully find and buy ones. In reality, now more than ever, antique pieces have become accessible to anyone--they are just a few clicks away on your laptop, or a few taps away on your phone. 


Misconception 4. I can’t afford it.

The Reality: Another misconception is that antiques cost an arm and a leg. The truth is though, with antique you’re investing in a piece that is made of high quality materials and is well made. They are often made by hand and will definitely withstand the daily grind of modern life. Think about it, there are some antique watches that have been in operation for the past 150-200 years and still work. Some made in China contemporary stuff fails miserably in comparison. The same holds true for antique jewelry and that’s not even taking into consideration the aesthetics of these antique pieces. Another plus is that they become more valuable with age, so you have the option to sell them at a higher price point later. 


Misconception 5. It will require a lot (and maybe constant) repairs.

The Reality: This is not at all the case, because serious antique sellers make sure to keep their inventory at its peak condition. To ensure that you are getting items that require little to no repairs shop only at a well-reputed dealer. A reputable antique dealer will also inform you about all the important details on the item and any restoration it has already had. While you might score a better bargain at yard or estate sales, there is a real risk that your items might require an overwhelming amount of repair work and you might not have the connection with the right people in the field who have this expertise.
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