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Article: Hermès Jewelry, Watches and Accessories - Awe Worthy Craftsmanship

Hermès Jewelry, Watches and Accessories - Awe Worthy Craftsmanship - DSF Antique Jewelry

Hermès Jewelry, Watches and Accessories - Awe Worthy Craftsmanship

Famous for exquisitely designed luxury goods, Hermès has over a dozen product divisions that encompass handmade leather items, watches, tableware, jewelry, and many others. Over the course of its nearly 200 years of history, the brand became a synonym for luxury and good taste. In fact, one of the 10 most expensive bags in the world is the Hermes Birkin bag by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka. It goes for a whopping $1.9 million. While nowadays not every item with a sky-high price has an awe worthy craftsmanship behind it, or offers much of an aesthetic value, it’s certainly the case with Hermès: Every single vintage piece is a source of inspiration. 

Hermès Hand Sewn Leather Belts & Bags 

All Hermès leather goods are hand sewn, with no exception. One might think that natural imperfections that come from sewing by hand would be visible to a naked eye, and that the belts and bags would have more of a rustic rather than luxury feel to them, but the rigorous standards set by Hermès guarantee this never happens. Closely examine the leather stitching and you’ll notice that even vintage and antique Hermès leather goods have stitches that are pretty close to perfect, and have stood the test of time: evenly spaced, there is no sloppiness of any kind or loose ends.


Vintage Hermès Jewelry : Made in Austria 

Historically Hermès enamels were manufactured only by a handful of skillful master-craftsmen in Austria. That’s why when you examine a gorgeous vintage Hermès jewelry piece that utilizes enamel it will have a “Made in Austria” stamp on it. Starting from about 2010, Hermès enamel jewelry pieces, including ever more popular bracelets, are produced in France. This is to say, despite a popular belief that “Made in France” is more prestigious and posh, “Made in Austria” Hermes pieces are, in most cases, more rare and valuable. 

Hermès Skillful Artistry : Best Counterfeit Measure 

Hermès is known for not cutting corners at any of the design or production stages. When Hermès jewelry creators produce their famous enamel bracelets, they often set a solid piece of enamel into the metal framework (similar in composition to glass, enamel consists of silica and a fluxing agent colored by metallic oxide or carbonate and fused to a metal surface by heat). It’s a costlier and more labor intensive process than the popular counterfeit approach; where resin is poured  into the framework. If you take a closer look at the Hermès enameled jewelry piece, you will notice that the edges of the enamel are softly rounded as opposed to flat resin. 

Hermès Fashion Forward Item: Created For Pets

One of the Hermès best selling cuffs is of course Collier de Chien, which literally translates to “dog collar.” In 1923, the house of Hermès received a not so usual order--to design a collar for a client’s bulldog. And that’s how the center O ring for the leash and signature pyramid studs made their way into high fashion. The custom-made Hermès dog collar created such a sensation among other fashion-forward dog owners that the house of Hermès was flooded with requests. It didn’t end there, and when couturière Marie Gerber saw the collar, she requested it to be made into a belt for women. And finally, in 1927 the Hermes Collier de Chien belt was officially released and became a part of Hermès legacy.

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