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Article: Cufflinks Put You In A Class of Your Own

Cufflinks Put You In A Class of Your Own - DSF Antique Jewelry

Cufflinks Put You In A Class of Your Own

Antique and vintage cufflinks give you the priceless joy of one-of-a-kind self-expression, letting you relive the air of kings and aristocracy of the past.


Sometimes in life, the smallest statements are the most revealing. Cufflinks embody this understated philosophy. After all, most fellow patrons at your black tie affair will never even see your hidden gems, tucked away under a jacket for most of the evening.

But luxury is about rarity. So rob the guests from seeing them, and leave your cufflinks for only a lucky few. It will be an effortless statement of style, and prestige. From a distance, no one will see your cufflinks; up close, only the most discerning eyes will notice them. Your cufflinks are a gift not for the room, but for a select few—those are the most important eyes in the room; these are the people you want to capture.

When you raise your wine glass, or reach for the dinner check, you’ll effortlessly unveil these  hidden treasures—your cufflinks. The gentlemen that see your cufflinks, may return only the slightest of nods—a gesture of utmost respect, beyond even envy.Tiffany Lapis Diamond Gold Cufflinks

The ladies who see your cufflinks will light up with a glow of admiration. Your vintage or antique cufflinks are a tribute to the old ways of elegance, of craftsmanship, and of values. They’ll ask how and where you found such breathtaking treasures.

Vintage and Antique Cufflinks Express Your Own Uniqueness

You, of course, didn’t buy your cufflinks new. You didn’t want cufflinks that anyone else could own. You are a treasure-hunter, and wanted only one-of-a-kind vintage or antique cufflinks, that no one else could buy. For you, it’s not egotistical, but, rather, personal and individual. Each person is perfectly unique, and you wanted heirloom cufflinks individualized to you. Ubiquity just loses its beauty, and allure.

When you find the perfect pair of vintage or antique cufflinks, their history and old world craftsmanship are reborn, and you turn the page of a new chapter—your story. Every time you wear your antique cufflinks—be they enamel cufflinks, gold cufflinks, gemstone cufflinks, or diamond cufflinks—the smiles, praise, and awe of admirers will link your cufflinks with priceless memories and meaning. Each time you wear the antique cufflinks, these fond memories will echo in your mind, bringing you continual joy each time you wear them.

Feel Like a King With One-Of-A-Kind Cufflinks

King Edward VIII had one such pair of priceless cufflinks. Designed by Cartier, Edward’s diamond and sapphire-encrusted cufflinks were a gift of love, from his true love, Wallis Simpson, his American wife. King Edward and Wallis Simpson’s love was so deep, Edward voluntarily renounced his throne to marry her, a commoner.Van Cleef & Arpels Cufflinks

Engraved on the inside of the diamond cufflinks given to Edward was the phrase “Hold Tight,” an expression Edward reassuringly wrote in his love letters to Wallis. These cufflinks became one of Edward’s most beloved possessions. To him, they were small treasures, filled with priceless sentiment.

King Edward certainly wasn’t the first king to so dearly covet diamond cufflinks. In the 17th and 18th century, King Louis XIV—King Louis the Great—owned a collection of more than 150 pieces of diamond cufflinks. As one of the greatest cultural tastemakers in history, King Louis XIV single handedly popularized the trend of wearing exquisite cufflinks, a fashion trend that quickly spread throughout the French royal court and European aristocracies.

Personalize Your Formal Attire With Antique and Vintage Cufflinks

In the mid 19th century, during the English Victorian era, the affluent middle class also began to wear cufflinks, adopting this elegant fashion statement synonymous with refinement and high social status. Cufflinks worn in high society were crafted with utmost care and attention, using steel alloys, silver, gold and other precious metals, as well as being laden with jewels.

Personalization was key to the high society trend. Cufflinks were monogrammed with initials, and engraved with the family crest, emblems or other images. Those small details, individualized to the gentleman that wore the cufflinks, were essential to creating the legacy of the essential accessory of today’s gentleman.

DSF Antique Jewelry Is a Treasure Chest of One-Of-A-Kind Cufflinks

For 42 years, DSF Antique Jewelry has hunted around the world for priceless treasures and one-of-a-kind jewelry to sell to the world’s most reputable vintage and antique jewelry establishments in New York, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Now, DSF Antique Jewelry is taking decades of experience, trust, and know-how directly to you, so that you too can purchase a priceless treasure you won’t find anywhere else.Cartier Ruby Gold Cufflinks

Hunt through DSF Antique Jewelry’s online collection of rare vintage and antique cufflinks. When you find  the perfect pair of vintage or antique cufflinks, you’ll have that same satisfaction of a king or Victorian gentleman, knowing that your cufflinks are one-of-a-kind treasures—your own personal style statement.

The legacy of your antique cufflinks will not end there, either. Since your cufflinks are designed and made with exceptional old world craftsmanship, their heirloom quality will continue to shine. You can pass your antique cufflinks on to the next generation, giving  your son or nephew the same priceless collector’s joy that you enjoy every time you clasp them together.

By J.H. White

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