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Article: Rings in Fall 2020: Five New Exciting Jewelry Trends to Try

Rings in Fall 2020: Five New Exciting Jewelry Trends to Try - DSF Antique Jewelry

Rings in Fall 2020: Five New Exciting Jewelry Trends to Try

We’ve all been craving being able to go outside safely again. Be it to visit a favorite museum, try a new tasting menu at a local restaurant, get comfortable with a favorite book on a park bench or share some laughs and learn all the latest about our friends and colleagues. Quarantine or not, who doesn’t want to look good? 

Today we’re diving into the latest jewelry trends, specifically rings - arguably the most effortless accessory of them all. Hope our roundup will inspire you to try something new this fall and add a much-missed sparkle to your outfit.

Nothing Monochromatic 

The 2020 Fall/Winter fashion collections were bursting with color, and that included mixing several colors in a single jewelry piece as well. Rings were no exception to the rule, and if sticking to gold and silver sounds a bit boring to you, you should definitely try adding rings with colorful gemstones to your jewelry rotation. Going for antique or vintage rings in this category is sure to add an extra interesting twist. Besides, these are of better durability and undoubtedly of a more refined level of craftsmanship than what’s currently offered by mass retailers.

An Intricate Texture 

The runway highlighted quite a few interestingly embellished jewelry pieces: from rustic patchwork-like to antique-imitating patterned engravings. Vintage and antique jewelry pieces have mesmerized fashion designers for ages, with ornate embellishments and exquisitely distinctive natural patterns that couldn’t be more fitting in the fall, when nature changes so dramatically.

Pearls Are As Beautiful As Ever

Pearls are going strong for Fall/Winter 2020 just as they were going strong for Spring/Summer this year, or 50 years prior. The classic material is no longer exclusively seen as necklaces or earrings, but also rings and stackable rings. When choosing rings with pearls pay attention to the quality of the pearl - is it freshwater pearl, is it a faux pearl, etc - and how is the pearl set. Nowadays, a big chunk of pearls are simply glued to the metal foundation of the particular jewelry piece. These might not last long.


Sophisticated Enamel Is In... Again

Enamel designs have made several returns in high fashion for the past decade. The reason is that it requires a special skill set to make an enameled jewelry piece and jewelry makers with such skills are quite rare. This makes these jewelry pieces - be it vitreous enamel or porcelain enamel - very, very special, exclusive and thus highly sought after. 

For this type of jewelry, you might be better off looking into a reputable antique jewelry dealer. These are the rings that have stood the test of time and their craftsmanship, as a rule of thumb, is outstanding. Enameled jewelry, in general, is considered a good investment, as its value tends to only grow with time. 



Collection of Vintage & Antique Rings 

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