Shopping Hermès Jewelry


Hermès has always been unapologetic about its high standard when it comes to the quality of its materials as well as sourcing them. Did you know that Hermès uses real gold even in the brand's bags hardware? Yes! So much so in fact, than it has higher gold content than any other luxury bags. That's why when you see Hermès bag at a vintage dealer you'll see that it has no patina on the hardware even decade or over a decade after the bag was made. And that's just talking about your bag closure, think about it, how much strictness then goes into sourcing precious stones and metals for the brand's jewelry pieces and watches.

 Hermes Craftsmanship

Hermès is an icon immersed in history and tradition with aesthetic and exquisitely designed goods which stand the test of time. Every single vintage Hermès piece is a source of inspiration, behind which stands an awe worthy craftsmanship. The high quality of Hermès crafted products has earned world-wide recognition. Hermès is an established brand which represents “quality” and “refinement”. Over the course of its nearly 200 years of history, the brand has become a synonym for luxury and good taste.

The significance of Hermès as a brand began in Paris in 1837, in what was originally a harness and saddle workshop.  The founder, Thierry Hermès, established a design dynasty which started with European aristocrats and today reaches international destinations. With a heritage for pushing frontiers and starting trends, Hermès has secured its place as one of the fashion houses in today’s luxury goods industry.

Hermes & Diversity 

Initially founded as a manufacturer of harnesses and bridles, Hermès has since evolved to become the height of style. Whether it is one of its signature silk scarves or ties, a leather agenda, a dinnerware set or a piece of jewelry all are crafted only with the finest quality materials making each piece highly collectible. DSF is delighted to offer you some of the items from our inventory. In our passionate search for jewelry we come across some very rare vintage Hermès pieces. For inspiration see our ever-growing collection of Hermès jewelry.