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Article: Shopping Hermès Jewelry

Shopping Hermès Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry
Hermes Accessories

Shopping Hermès Jewelry


Being one of the oldest surviving fashion labels, Hermès was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès. Initially, the store based on the Grands Boulevards in Paris was specialized in harnesses and bridles. The Hermès craftsmen worked only for the European aristocracy. It is even said that frequently balls or coronation festivities were postponed until the master craftsmen finished the accessories for the carriages and horses of the crowned heads.

The vintage Hermès jewelry, bags and accessories can make every woman feel glamorous and confident. The famous French brand is synonymous with luxury and perfection. The company’s philosophy can be summarized by a single quote of former CEO Jean-Louis Dumas – “We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product”. 

The authority of the Hermès Fashion House is unshakable, it is an ultra-luxury success story based on the principles of highest quality and refinement.  

The Success Story of the Hermès Brand

The first customers of the French house - princes of Wales, czars, and the European aristocracy - probably did not have to wait for a long period when they placed an order at Hermès. Now, however, one can buy the company's products only by entering a long waiting list.

Hermès has always been unapologetic about its high standard when it comes to the quality of its materials as well as sourcing them. Did you know that Hermès uses real gold even in the brand's bags hardware? Yes! So much so in fact, than it has higher gold content than any other luxury bags. That's why when you see Hermès bag at a vintage dealer you'll see that it has no patina on the hardware even decade or over a decade after the bag was made. And that's just talking about your bag closure, think about it, how much strictness then goes into sourcing precious stones and metals for the brand's jewelry pieces and watches.

hermes house Picture Credit Tripadvisor 

Hermes Craftsmanship

Hermès is an icon immersed in history and tradition with aesthetic and exquisitely designed goods which stand the test of time. Every single vintage Hermès piece is a source of inspiration, behind which stands an awe worthy craftsmanship. The high quality of Hermès crafted products has earned world-wide recognition. Hermès is an established brand which represents “quality” and “refinement”. Over the course of its nearly 200 years of history, the brand has become a synonym for luxury and good taste.


What Makes the Hermès Bags Special

The first leather bag Created by Hermès was created in the name of love. Émile-Maurice designed the product for his wife in 1922. In a huge display of devotion, Émile-Maurice did what few husbands would. When his wife couldn’t find a bag in all the Paris that she liked, he made one for her instead.

Hermes created the brand of naming bags after famous and glamorous women. The first iconic Hermes bag appeared in 1935 and was named in 1956 the `Kelly bag`. A photo of Grace Kelly, the princess of Monaco at that time, was released in 1956, showing her holding a Hermes "Sac à dépêches" bag in “Life” magazine. It was suggested the well-placed bag was there to hide her pregnancy and the public coined the term the `Kelly bag`. Hermes made the name official soon after.


Hermes & Diversity 

Initially founded as a manufacturer of harnesses and bridles, Hermès has since evolved to become the height of style. Whether it is one of its signature silk scarves or ties, a leather agenda, a dinnerware set or a piece of jewelry all are crafted only with the finest quality materials making each piece highly collectible.

The company has a strong commitment to constantly manufacture products that are unique and have a strong sense of allure. Hermes has a superior position in the ultra-luxury segment of the market and keeps the power of its family brand as an icon of legacy, authenticity, and prestige. 
DSF is delighted to offer you some of the items from our inventory. In our passionate search for jewelry we come across some very rare vintage Hermès pieces. For inspiration see our ever-growing collection of Hermès jewelry. 


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