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Article: The Colors of Chanel

The Colors of Chanel - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Colors of Chanel


Symbolic of their origins, the colors employed by Chanel in its jewelry and accessories designs have deeper layers of meaning. Five simple colors make up the majority of the Chanel palette and each one had a very special place in the heart of Gabrielle Chanel.


Of the most simple yet meaningful colors, black comes up first, being used in almost every design Chanel has ever graced the public with. According to Coco Chanel, black “accentuates the essential” and accompanies all. It is a symbol of rigor discipline and yet reveals a woman’s radiance. Gone are the days where black was a color for those in mourning. For Coco herself, black symbolized warmth and care -- the color of nuns clothing who gave her home and brought her up. It became the color of elegance and a symbol of the essence of feminine radiance. Chanel epitomized the color in the form of its ever influential “little black dress”.


Black can dominate, it can stand out on its own and defeat all the colors who stand before it. It can complement other colors through its depth as well: The iconic Chanel pearl necklace looks only more stunning against the black dress neckline.


Quite the compliment to the darker energy of black, white exudes a harmonious feel. Labeled as the color of transcendence and transparency, white catches light and enhances beauty. It is the color that manifests itself since the beginning of time, and carries a religious importance, being the color of the coronets of nuns and the dresses of communions, all of which were very familiar and dear to Coco. White is an ever reaching manifestation of purity, like a spring of perpetual radiant light. Coco incorporated white in every collection she ever designed. White can also be found in Chanel’s accessories, from lambskin bags and silk scarves to elegant eyewear and costume jewelry. 


Described as natural, this warm color represents the simplicity of the outdoors. It’s like the sand of a beach Coco Chanel loved so much and the color of a natural complexion. The color beige opens up a peaceful junction between the union of black and white and paves the way for neutrality. When incorporated in Chanel accessories, it’s often used to reimagine the standard of elegance, while rejuvenating one’s look and bringing the beauty of the outdoors into our daily wardrobes.



This color represents the world of possibilities presented in both its imitation and genuine forms. It represents the genuine gold of royalty and jewelry, and to Gabrielle Chanel, it’s said to represent the gifts of gold given to her by the Duke of Westminster. 


Chanel has crafted an awe-worthy costume jewelry in gold tones for 100 years to date! Chanel began making costume jewelry in the 1920s. The term costume jewelry was coined because the pieces were made to fit well with a specific 'costume’ or outfit. Gold in Chanel’s collections is worn with everything and can adorn all that is put before it.


Used as lining in Chanel bags, red symbolizes life and the consummation of a long search. It symbolizes passion, energy and courage. Red is often used as an accent color in Chanel bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to accompany the classic Chanel red lips for a complete look that is equal part stunning and effortless.

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