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Article: Why Do French Wear Antique Jewelry On a Daily Basis

Why Do French Wear Antique Jewelry On a Daily Basis - DSF Antique Jewelry
Antique Jewelry

Why Do French Wear Antique Jewelry On a Daily Basis

Antique French Jewelry 

French has long been the dominant voice of authority in the world of beauty, fashion as well as jewelry. They have a certain sense of aesthetics that they seem to be born with. This sense of aesthetics grows only stronger in an environment where they are surrounded by humankind’s most cherished works of arts, stunning architecture, and masterfully elaborate interior designs of buildings dating back to XIV-XVII centuries. 

Anyone who has ever traveled to France would tell you that French women are not after trends at all. Most Parisians prefer classic cuts in their garments. High quality natural fabric and natural materials like leather and suede are prevalent, and about 80% of the time they wear exquisite statement jewelry pieces that are vintage or antique. 

Beauty And Sentimental Value Over Fast-Paced Trends 

  Antique French Gold Griffin Bangle Bracelet

French designer and former model Justine Leconte shares in her video blog how to create a perfect capsule wardrobe and how to accessorize it with jewelry. One advice she always gives and the one all her friends and relatives have been following is to wear vintage jewelry, something that has real sentimental value to you. For example, a beautiful cameo brooch that maybe was a gift from your grandmother, or a pair of earrings your mom passed on to you, the earrings you always tried to put on where you were a little girl. 

These vintage or antique jewelry pieces always provide a sense of warmth associated with the mastery of the jeweler him or herself, as well as the warmth of that comes from the relationships you have had with the person who gave you such a gorgeous gift. 

How To Choose Your Antique Jewelry Collection Pieces


In America, most of us come from a family of immigrants, or are the first generation of immigrants. This is to say, we might not have had the privilege to inherit some meaningful pieces of jewelry from our ancestors. It doesn’t mean however that we should deprive ourselves of antique jewelry beauty. Chances are there are some antique jewelry dealers in your area. If their offerings are not many, or they don’t seem to be reputable to you, browsing an online antique store is the best alternative. 

Browse online antique stores by style, by stones you like, by brand, or by era and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Professional antique dealers would be happy to provide you with any relevant details, such as if the item needs repair, if it has been repaired, how to care for your beautiful antique finding and so on.

Look Up Your Chosen Antique Jewelry Item’s Make Up 


One more advantage antique jewelry has is that it might peak your curiosity and encourage you to learn more about art, history, jewelry making techniques and more. 

For example, if you set your eyes on a gorgeous antique coral and gold cameo, you might be interested to know that coral, though considered a gem, is actually a conglomeration of the skeletons of tiny marine invertebrates that live and grow together in colonies. The skeletons consist of calcium carbonate in the form of calcite which attaches to rocks and other objects on the ocean floor. Great masses of coral may come together forming treacherous reefs. Of the several varieties of coral just one, “precious coral”, has been of interest to jewelers. Precious coral, (corallium nobile), comes in many different colors and is found in most tropical and subtropical oceans such aws those alongside Algeria, Morocco and Corsica.

In other words, go ahead and treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry that is made of high quality materials, masterfully executed and will put a happy smile on your face every time you wear it. Not to mention you might learn something new and interesting.

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