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Article: Why Hermès Jewelry Pieces Cost What They Do

Why Hermès Jewelry Pieces Cost What They Do - DSF Antique Jewelry

Why Hermès Jewelry Pieces Cost What They Do

Hermes Jewelry

Never compromising, and never withering worship of craftsmanship has been the essence of the Hermès's brand identity since it was established 181 years ago. The brand's founder, Thierry Hermès, started out by mastering the creation of harnesses for horses. Thierry's business was going as strong as the strength of the saddle stitch he became so famous for. In our modern world, it's hard to imagine, but this fortune-bringing saddle stitch can only be performed by hand! There are numerous craftsmen who have been working at the company for two and even three generations. They pass on their workmanship secrets from one generation to another. Till today the iconic hand stitch is one of the main features of the Hermès's leather goods, including watch bracelets.


There Is a Mysterious Power To the Brand's Name

Hermès wasn't the randomly chosen name. It was a perfect fit for a brand that started out by producing the finest, exquisitely crafted luggage, travel bags and travel accessories. If you didn't skip much of your elementary school, you might remember, that Hermès was the name of an ancient Greek god, the god of trade, wealth, and travel. Being one of the most confident and cleverest of the Olympian gods, Hermès was also the gods herald and messenger. And when you wear a piece of finest jewelry, or an impeccably crafted watch, named after powerful and influential Greek god, can it possibly not boost your self esteem and confidence?



Not Every Gem Deserves a Precious Metal

Hermès has always been unapologetic about its high standard when it comes to the quality of its materials as well as sourcing them. Did you know that Hermès uses real gold even in the brand's bags hardware? Yes! So much so in fact, than it has higher gold content than any other luxury bags. That's why when you see Hermès bag at a vintage dealer you'll see that it has no patina on the hardware even decade or over a decade after the bag was made. And that's just talking about your bag closure, think about it, how much strictness then goes into sourcing precious stones and metals for the brand's jewelry pieces and watches.   Hermès Gold Cufflinks 
And the brand goes out of its way, so to speak, to find the purest diamonds, precious gems and the highest quality silver, gold, and platinum for their jewelry creations. One of the examples is collaboration with the Tuareg tribe. The Tuareg people are a semi-nomadic tribe of northern Africa.   Hermès Tuareg Silver Alligator Belt   
The tribe's art consists of, for the most part, of silver jewelry, decorative house saddles, and three foot long swords, that are also decorated with silver and sometimes semi-precious stones. Nearly 30 years ago Hermès and the Tuareg tribesmen partnered to produce their silver jewelry. Some of the unique traditional motifs you see today in Hermès jewelry, scarves, and ties come from art-creating traditions of the Tuareg tribe.  
Tavannes For Hermès Silver Belt Watch
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