Krone HMS Victory Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Krone HMS Victory Fountain Pen. Never Used. 
The HMS Victory, engraved on ancient mammoth bone barrel.  Year of production: 2000.
The chill of the October wind seemed to howl louder than usual across the English Channel that day in 1805.

But it couldn't discourage the steady stare of a man, studying the horizon through one eye, amongst the ocean waves. His left arm firmly rested on the side of his loyal ship, his right sleeve, empty and pinned to his coat. This half-blinded, one armed Admiral had left everything he cherished behind and now stood in position to fight the greatest naval battle England had ever seen. His determination was phenomenal, his intelligence vital and his solid, strong appearance never wavered, even in the unimaginable intensity of his final battle. This day, he stood quietly in anticipation, waiting for the madness to begin, knowing he would stop at nothing to defend the shorelines of his country from the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

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