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Carlo Giuliano Jewelry Brief History

Brief History of Carlo Giuliano

Born in Naples in 1831, Carlo Giuliano trained, according to "Maglia Antichita e Preziosi", at the Castellani family in Rome or Naples (there is no certain information on the location of his internship), and then followed Alessandro Castellani in London in the 1860s, probably to cover the role of director of the atelier of production that the renowned Roman goldsmith wanted to open in the Anglo-Saxon capital.

In 1863 he set up his own business in Frith Street, signing his jewelry with the identification mark "CG" (with the C upside down and connected to the G), a monogram similar to that of the House of Castellani.

The similarity of his brand with that of the Roman goldsmith family has led scholars to believe that, in his early years of activity, Carlo Giuliano continued to make jewels for Alessandro Castellani, as he did for other well-known London jewelry shops (Harry Emmanuel, Robert Phillips, CF Hancocks), as reflected by the presence of his works at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1867, exhibited in the name of those shopkeepers.
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