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Article: Investing In Gold Jewelry - Long Term Stability

Investing In Gold Jewelry - Long Term Stability - DSF Antique Jewelry
Antique Jewelry

Investing In Gold Jewelry - Long Term Stability

People have continued to buy gold throughout the ages for a variety of reasons. It proves to be a great investment when the global economy faces bad times because it is the metal we turn to when other forms of payment fail.

In times of economic crisis, gold - the quintessential precious metal - is seen as a "defensive asset" and investors frequently sell equities in order to purchase the precious metal. There are various options to invest in gold, and buying jewelry is one of them.

Why is buying gold jewelry considered a good idea? Well, first of all, there is the value of the gold itself and of the precious gemstones the piece of jewelry is adorned with. Secondly, there is the value that comes from the pleasure you enjoy from wearing that jewel.
gold yellow charles-turi-18k-gold-diamond-necklace
Meanwhile, gold and/or other precious metals as well as quality jewelry pieces are a good long-term investment as they will get more expensive as time goes on. Gold's ability to maintain a high degree of financial security, compared to the volatility of the stock market or different currencies makes it a safe investment, and jewelry is seen in the same way.

Throughout human history, there have been great empires that went bankrupt, and people experienced many economic crises that led to the collapse of their currencies. In all these situations, investors always took refuge in gold.

Why Should You Invest In Gold Jewelry

The History Of Gold

The history of gold began about 30 centuries before Christ when the ancient Egyptians began to create jewelry out of this precious metal. However, it was not until the 6th century BC that gold began to function as currency.

According to World Gold Council, gold coins were first struck on the order of King Croesus of Lydia (an area that is now part of Turkey), around 550 BC. Soon such currency began appearing elsewhere.

Gold coins circulated as currency in many countries before the introduction of paper money. Once paper money was introduced, currencies still maintained an explicit link to gold (the paper being exchangeable for gold on demand).

Gold's importance continued growing over the centuries, both in Europe and Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Gold symbolized wealth and inheritance, and Britain issued the first gold-based currency in 1066. In the 18th century, the United States followed the British model and established a "gold standard," which meant that each American monetary unit had to be backed by the corresponding amount of gold (or silver) in the bank.
The importance of gold in the world economy remains high. Gold reserves have been an essential component of the central bank and their appeal shows no signs of slowing down. Currently, central banks own almost 35,000 metric tons of gold, accounting for about one-fifth of all gold ever mined.

Investing In Gold Jewelry

Currently, there are many options to invest in gold, including gold bars and gold jewelry. Investing in gold jewelry is a way to secure your money, it's a smart move as gold as a metal maintains its value over time, and by purchasing the right jewelry you can create your own reserve.

In addition, quality jewelry pieces may be more valuable than gold itself as they are precious through their design and the precious gem that adorn them. In the last ten years, the price of many precious stones, such as diamonds, has risen by more than one hundred percent. So, jewelry seems like a smart investment.

On top of that, jewels are beautiful and you can wear them in order to look great or just to show your social status.

Think About The Future

When we purchase gold jewelry, we do so with the intention of giving it to a special person or celebrating an important moment in our lives. But, we can also acquire them to secure our financial future, because we will have precious assets not based on currencies that can be affected by inflation. Currency depreciates, while gold does not.
18k-yellow-gold-ribbed-bangle-bracelet tiffany
Gold jewelry can be conveniently stored in our homes and can even be worn anytime with our outfits to add an extra touch of elegance. In addition, each piece of jewelry is a work of art, which gives it an artistic preciousness that can further increase its value.

So, how to invest in gold jewelry? Is gold jewelry a great investment? The answer is "yes". But one important factor must be taken into account: the purity of the metal. You can buy jewelry pieces made out of 14-karat gold, 18-karat gold, and, the most expensive, 24-karat gold. However, the most traded is the 18-karat gold.

Gold Jewelry Investment Options

One of the best options to invest in gold jewelry is to buy it directly from a specialized jewelry store that has fair prices for its products. When it comes to jewelry, you need to consider the condition and quality of the piece.

It’s becoming common for serious investors to allocate some of their funds to invest in high-quality jewelry, so why wouldn't you do the same?

The price of the most desirable vintage jewelry has risen 80 percent in the last decade, according to an analysis by Art Market Research. Some of the best returns have come from Art Deco jewelry pieces.
Another popular time for jewelry designs that are still in vogue is the Belle Epoque -  era’ which covers a period in Western European history between the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 and the start of the First World War. The most sought-after treasures from both these periods have risen in value by almost 90 percent since 2006.

So, if you want to invest wisely, buy gold jewelry. Try to acquire quality pieces that in time will increase their value and that, meanwhile, will make you or your loved ones look great when wearing them.

DSF Antique Jewelry can help you with a large selection of precious vintage and antique gold jewelry, top designer jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship, and bold or classy design jewels that will make you feel not only more classy and in style but also more reassured about the security of your financial future.  

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