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Article: Hammerman Brothers Jewelry: Original Designs and Highest Quality

Hammerman Brothers Jewelry: Original Designs and Highest Quality - DSF Antique Jewelry

Hammerman Brothers Jewelry: Original Designs and Highest Quality

The jewelry pieces made by the Hammerman Brothers House are well known for their unique, original designs, as well as their high quality.

Founded in New York in 1946, the company Hammerman Brothers is one of the few American production and design luxury houses. The creations of the Hammerman Brothers brand are all made in their workshops, using the old-world craft.

Hammerman Brothers Jewelry - Short history

In the 1780s, a young man would give up his rigorous studies in Eastern Europe, venturing into the wide world to learn the craft of watchmaking.

In the 1930s, before World War II, three of his successors, the Hammerman brothers — Benjamin, Bernard, and Hyman — worked at Bowery in New York, which at the time was the largest diamond center in the United States.

After being released from the military after the war, the Hammerman Brothers set out to create fine watches and exclusive jewelry.

In the 1950s, one of their creations, namely one done by Benjamin Hammerman, would draw the public's attention with its uniqueness: a bracelet for ladies that had a watch embedded in it.
Hammerman Brothers Bracelet Jewelry
For the next 10 years, Bernard Hammerman would design a wide range of ladies' bracelet watches, made of platinum and diamonds. Preserved over the decades, their creations appear from time to time as collectibles for sale at major auction houses around the world. DSF Antique Jewelry also offers you the opportunity to buy some of the unique jewelry pieces made by the Hammerman Brothers.

The Hammerman Brothers manufactured gold bracelets for the Bulova Accutron, the world's first fully electronic watch.

The brothers were proud when they were asked to manufacture a special bracelet for an Accutron that was presented to President Eisenhower.

The Hammerman Brothers' Jewelry Features

Hammerman Brothers jewelry is usually made of 18-carat gold, platinum, diamonds.

"With ever-vigilant care for maintaining the highest standards, a family member oversees each step of the creation of a Hammerman Jewel", announces the company on the official website.

Hammerman’s jewels are stamped with the company’s HB maker’s mark.

The company produces very diverse offerings. Among them are the Classic, Hammerman Sport, Hammerman Haute Joaillerie, Royal Pavé, Tavannes, Les Boules, and Royal Ascot lines.

Hammerman Sports jewelry is youthful, fun, and lively and it contrasts with the Haute Joaillerie line, which is comprised of tour de force pieces for special occasions and red carpet moments.

The H2 Hammerman Collection features versatile pieces that are ideal for creating a chic look and yet are very well-priced. Royal Ascot specializes in sophisticated-looking cufflinks for gentlemen who want statement cufflinks for their French cuffs.

Are You Interested To Buy Hammerman Brothers Jewelry?

If you want to buy one of the pieces of jewelry created by Hammerman Brothers House, we invite you to check the creations we have on display on our page.

Brooches, necklaces, 18 karat gold bracelets, adorned with diamonds, pearls, or other precious stones, with unique designs, made by the Hammerman Brothers, will delight your eyes and can be part of your collection.

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