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Article: Rare Pink Diamond Up For Auction. How Much Is This Gemstone Worth?

Rare Pink Diamond Up For Auction. How Much Is This Gemstone Worth

Rare Pink Diamond Up For Auction. How Much Is This Gemstone Worth?

Eternal Pink, a pink diamond considered "the rarest of the rare", which is estimated at 35 million dollars, will be auctioned in June in New York.

This "impurity-free" gemstone weighs 10.57 carats and was mined in 2019 from a mine in Botswana, with the rough stone originally weighing 23.78 carats. The jewel will be put on sale on June 8 in New York.

According to Sotheby's, Eternal Pink - a gemstone owned by French-Moroccan-Israeli tycoon Patrick Drahi - is indeed a "treasure of nature":

The Auction Of The "Eternal Pink" Diamond

The Eternal Pink will be offered as a part of Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels auction on 8 June at Sotheby’s New York.

Some experts believe there is a chance that the bidding for the diamond, which is expected to top at least $35 million, could challenge the $57.7 million record set by the Williamson Pink Star diamond, which was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in October 2022 in Hong Kong.
Rare Pink Diamond Up For Auction. How Much Gemstone Worth?
"At 10.57 carats, the cushion-cut Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond is the most vivid pink diamond ever to come to market. The 23.78 carat rough which yielded The Eternal Pink was mined by De Beers at the Damtshaa mine in Botswana and was meticulously fashioned into an exquisite cushion cut – over a period of six intense months – by Diacore’s team of artisans, maximizing the diamond’s electric 'bubblegum' color to full potential.

Of all the existing grades of color, 'Fancy Vivid', as manifested by this beautiful 10.57-carat stone, is the highest possible for a colored diamond. The modifying color of purple often results in the most charming and vibrant feminine hue that is the dream of many. Polished as a cushion-cut, this gemstone boasts an attractive combination of facets that enhances the pink to be ‘sweeter’ to one’s eyes. The present stone, combining Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink color and Internally Flawless clarity, is indeed a treasure of nature.

The Eternal Pink’s immense presence and great rarity make it comparable to ultimate masterpieces of art — far rarer than a Magritte or a Warhol. Combined with its exceptional clarity, it is not surprising that it would command the highest per-carat pre-sale estimate for any diamond to date," Quig Bruning, head of jewelry for Sotheby's Americas, said in a statement to WWD.

The Eternal Pink Diamond Goes On Tour Before The Auction

Ahead of the diamond’s sale at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction on June 8 in New York, it will be on display:

    Hong Kong: April 1-7
    Taipei: April 21-22
    Mainland China: week of April 24 to 28
    Singapore: May 3-6
    Geneva: May 12-16
    Dubai: week of May 22-26
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