Amazing VIDEO: Watch This Dog Dance. You'll Get Goosebumps!

Yes, dogs can dance too, and some can do it so well that you will remain speechless. The intelligent and loyal canines often amaze us with their hidden talents.

Sandra Roth and her dog Lizzy form a duet full of harmony and originality. The joy and dedication with which this dog dances with her owner are incredible. She knows the choreography, and the movements step by step, without anything to distract her from her concentration.

In fact, Lizzy is only attentive to her owner, to the gestures she makes, and the communication between the two is absolutely wonderful.

Lizzy keeps the rhythm and perfectly complements her dance partner. The complexity of the choreography makes it all the more fascinating, and the timing between the two dancers is perfect.

It all took place on the stage of a "Dogdance Freestyle" competition in 2014.

Dogs Can Dance To

Sandra Roth says that Lizzy, although she learned freestyle tricks and moves at an early age, was not an easy dog to master, and in her first three years of life, she focused more on her education and socialization than the athletic side.

Incidentally, it is well known that the Border Collie breed is considered one of the most talented, intelligent, and creative sheepdog breeds. They have a lot of energy, work hard and learn easily.

Sandra, on the other hand, has been a dancer and jazz dancer for a long time and has been able to combine her passion for dance and dogs in these competitions. She has been performing so well with Lizzy!

It's not only humans who can have unusual talents but also the pets around us, especially when they are trained and expertly led to great performances.

Border Collies - The Easiest Dog Breed To Train

One of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world is the Border Collie, a dog that has been used for hundreds of years in the sheepfold due to its increased ability to understand and follow instructions.
The Border Collie is known for its remarkable ability to concentrate, along with its obedience and a sense of loyalty that is out of the ordinary even for a dog.

The Border Collie is a medium-sized dog, usually with a two-tone coat of black and white. Dogs of this breed thrive best if they have plenty of space in which to expend their energy.

Because of their extraordinary intelligence, it is essential that they constantly have an occupation, otherwise, they can ruin your home. They love to be in the company of people and are suitable to be kept both at home and at work.

It's important to know that border collies only do well in the company of people who have an energy level as high as theirs, so if you want a dog of this breed, you need to be a sporty person. Since he is a herding dog, he has a tendency to "herd" children, nipping at their feet like sheep.

Border collies also have the ability to recognize words, like the famous Betsy, who has a vocabulary of 340 words. At just 10 weeks old, Betsy sat on command and could fetch objects by name.

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