An Egyptian Designer Created The "Smart Dress"

An Egyptian designer has combined ancient fashion and modern computer technology to create a dress like no other before.

Alaa, a designer from Egypt, has created a dress that allows tourists to combine ancient fashion and modern computer technology. The "smart dress" has embroidered motifs from the Pharaohs' period and a QR code. When scanned, it provides visitors with information about tourist attractions in the Land of the Pyramids.

The "Smart Dress" - A Unique Approach

Using the QR code sewn into the sleeve of the dress, tourists wearing the dress can use their smart mobile phone to use a special app that gives them names, addresses, operating times, and prices for visiting many Egyptian archaeological sites.

"This is the code I use in my project. I sewed it onto the sleeves so that it didn't take up too much of the dress's surface and didn't get in the way of the design. It contains all the data I uploaded to the app you can find on your phone. It is available in three languages," said the Egyptian designer.

The Innovative Concept - A University Project

The "smart dress" was originally Alaa's graduation project at the university. Funds were needed to bring the unique creation to life.

Alaa eventually managed to make several variations and expand her fashion line to include options for men and children.

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