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Article: The Beauty Secrets Of Oriental Women

The Beauty Secrets Of Oriental Women - DSF Antique Jewelry
Beauty Secrets

The Beauty Secrets Of Oriental Women

Oriental women have their special ways to make themself beautiful in a simple and effective manner. We invite you to discover their beauty secrets.

Beauty comes from within, people say. But what does "within" mean? Yes, real beauty radiates from a harmonious inner world - self-acceptance and kindness - but also from what we eat and drink.

Asian women know that and, in time, they found simple but very effective methods to make themself shine and be more beautiful. They understood that in order to achieve real beauty one must combine the care of the body with the care of mind and soul for a general and natural well-being and they act accordingly.

If you are fascinated by the Asian way of life and culture, here are some of the most popular beauty secrets of oriental women, which can be a source of inspiration to be beautiful both inside and out.

The skin is your most precious "outfit". Unfortunately, the skin is constantly exposed to all kinds of toxins and chemicals, thus, it suffers greatly. When we sleep, the skin pores open and the skin breathes, and toxins stored in the epidermis — the outer layer of the skin  - from cosmetics to environmental pollutants - will be absorbed into the deeper levels of the skin.
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That is why it is very important to give to take good care of our skin, to keep it clean, to use natural products that remove harmful substances and maintain its elasticity and freshness.

Oriental Women's Beauty Secrets

The Tea

Tea is considered a true natural source of health and beauty. This precious drink is rich in beneficial substances, helping the body to stay in shape.

Choose tea instead of coffee and you will see real improvements in the appearance of your skin: with only one cup a day, the body detoxifies itself, and your skin will become cleaner and brighter.

For example, green tea, a precious beverage due to the presence of polyphenols and bioflavonoids, has great antioxidant properties, stimulating tissue regeneration. Its regular consumption is also a remedy against water retention, being widely used in diets, as it helps to burn excess fat, reducing absorption.

The Aromatic Bath

For Asian women, the bath is a real care ceremony that begins with a gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells, continues with a fragrant bath, and ends with moisturizing the skin with the finest ingredients.

For a real treat, add a handful of sea salt, rice water, and a few drops of sandalwood essential oil to the bathwater. After relaxing for a few minutes in this water, cleanse the skin with a shower gel with lotus flower extract. In the end, spoil your skin with body milk with sesame oil and a delicate and inviting scent of cherry blossoms.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been a central part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Contrary to Western deep tissue massage which focuses on releasing knots and muscle tension by targeting blood flow to areas, Asian massage techniques aim to promote overall health by facilitating the flow of energy or "Qi" inside the body.
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The revitalizing effect of the massage consists of deep relaxation and relaxation of muscles and tendons. As a result, joint pain disappears, blood circulation and lymph flow improve, toxins are eliminated from the body, metabolism is normalized, the natural circulation of vital energy qi is restored, vital energies yin and yang are balanced, pressure points on the feet, hands and head are activated. The benefits are guaranteed!


Do you want to know the secrets of the wonderful hair of Japanese women? One of them is the diet itself. They consume many seaweeds (especially cloud algae) which seem to have a miraculous effect on the beauty of the hair.

Equally important for Japanese women is layering. An English word composed of "layer" meaning "stratification" clearly expresses the idea of this method of beauty called "Saho", ceremonially based on a slow method to fully enjoy the pleasure of pampering your skin, also used for hair.

Hairstyling begins with the application of emollient hair oil: argan oil, olive oil, rosemary oil.

Continue washing your hair with a gentle shampoo, suitable for everyone's hair type. The shampoo is applied once or twice, depending on your type of hair.

After washing the hair, apply a conditioner on the tips and continue to gently comb all the hair.

Rinse your hair with warm water and continue applying a nourishing, moisturizing, and restructuring mask for about 10 minutes. Clean your hair again and apply your preferred final product.

As you may have noticed, layering is nothing new. In other words, it is a rigorous ceremony that requires a lot of patience. It should be noted that a Japanese woman gives her body from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, daily, both in the morning and in the evening, this being one of the secrets of her beauty.

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