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Article: Atlantis Could Become A Reality: The Underwater Japanese City Project

Atlantis Could Become A Reality: The Underwater Japanese City Project - DSF Antique Jewelry

Atlantis Could Become A Reality: The Underwater Japanese City Project

Atlantis could become a reality in around eight years. The Japanese are working to develop a giant underwater city like no other.

A group of Japanese architects wants to build a giant underwater metropolis that could be the first real-life "Atlantis".

The mega-city called The Ocean Spiral, designed by engineering firm Shimizu Corporation would rely on ocean resources to operate and navigate slowly around the world 2.5 miles below the water's surface.

Atlantis Become A Reality: The Underwater Japanese City Project

The underwater city would have a dome-like "base camp" near the surface, then spiral down to 4,000 meters below sea level, where it would extract resources from the deep sea and store and reuse carbon dioxide.

The city would also have a deep-sea submarine harbor to supply electricity, water, and oxygen to its lower depths.

A Possible Solution For Climate Change?

The spiral giant underwater city could be a solution to climate change, as it would reportedly create renewable energy using ocean thermal energy conversion, which creates electricity from different levels of ocean temperature through a generator.

Atlantis The Underwater Japanese City Project

First unveiled in 2014, the Ocean Spiral City was supposed to be ready for its first 5,000 residents by 2030, but unfortunately, there has been little progress since then.

Scientists Want To Use The Power Of The Deep Sea

"The ocean covers about 70% of the earth's surface. About 80% of that is depth. The deep sea holds a major potential to ensure proper cycles in the global biosphere. However, we have not yet tapped into this potential", explained the architects behind the innovative concept.

Atlantis Could Become Underwater Japanese City Project

"We thought we could harness the unlimited potential of the deep sea through a vertical connection of the atmosphere, ocean surface, deep sea, and seabed."

The Ocean Spiral Is Fascinating

The design is for a spherical concrete lattice shell, located below the surface of the sea. A tower inside the sphere would contain homes and workplaces for up to 5.000 people.

The Atlantis A Reality Underwater Japanese City Project

A spiraling structure would connect the sphere to the ocean floor making use of varying water temperatures and pressures at different depths to both generate renewable energy and desalinate water for human use.

The spiral connects to a research facility on the ocean floor where scientists will excavate resources from the seabed. The concept aims to create a model for self-sufficient and sustainable cities at sea.

The mega-project would cost no less than 25 billion dollars.

Watch now this interesting video about the Japanese Ocean Spiral Project. It's truly out of this world!

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