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Article: Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Our Bodies

Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Our Bodies - DSF Antique Jewelry
Amazing Facts

Fascinating And Amazing Facts About Our Bodies

What do we really know about our bodies? Here's a seemingly simple question that has fascinated many illustrious scientists and eminent doctors throughout history.

We have decided to introduce you to some of the many amazing features of the human body that can undoubtedly convince us all that we were created in a far more sophisticated way than we are used to believing.

The Mysteries Of The Human Brain

Let's start with some lesser-known details about the human brain, which is, incidentally, the most complex organ of the human body and the least studied to date:

- Our brains do not have the ability to actually "feel" pain. The brain has no cells that would be responsive to the sensation of pain. It merely processes signals received from receptors for external and internal pain stimulation.

- The number of dreams depends on your IQ (intelligence quotient). The duration of a dream does not exceed 2-3 seconds.

- The brain is composed of 80% water. Its average weight is 1300 grams. The brain grows in size till the age of 18.

- A single brain cell can store 5 times more information than any encyclopedia. In other words, the brain is capable of storing from 3 to 1000 terabytes. For comparison: the British National Archives, which includes descriptions of nine centuries of history, contains just 70 terabytes.

- The brain is more active at night.

- To function, the brain needs the same amount of energy as a 10-watt light bulb.

- Compared to other organs, the brain consumes the most oxygen, using 20% of all oxygen circulating in the blood.

- The brain never sleeps.

- Contrary to popular belief, nerve cells can regenerate: neurons form in the brain throughout the entire lifetime.

- Laughter activates at least five areas of the brain.

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More Exciting Facts About The Human Body

- Acid in the human stomach is capable of dissolving even razor blades.

- Human hair lives from 3 to 7 years. Women's hair is thinner than men's. Every day we lose between 60 and 100 hairs. Human hair is virtually indestructible.

- Our heart creates a pressure that is able to expel blood out to a distance of 7.5 meters.

- Every 3-4 days our stomach completely renews itself; every 27 days the same thing happens to our skin: every hour we lose about 600,000 skin particles.

- The total surface area of our lungs is equal to the surface area of a tennis court. The left lung is smaller than the right.

- Each step puts in motion 200 muscles.

- For 30 minutes, our body releases more energy than it takes to boil 1.5 liters of water.

- When we smile, we put in motion 17 facial muscles, when we frown - 43.

- Every minute, about 3,000,000 cells die in our body.

- In the human body there is the largest molecule known in nature - chromosome 1, which is composed of 10 billion atoms and can store a gigantic number of genes.

- The adult body is made up of about 7 octillion atoms.

Following the above, we believe it is very difficult to argue against the fact that, from the point of view of modern science, the human body is an absolutely magnificent creation.

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