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Article: Fashion Secrets: The Secret Language Of Clothes

Fashion Secrets: The Secret Language Of Clothes - DSF Antique Jewelry
Fashion Secrets

Fashion Secrets: The Secret Language Of Clothes

The way we dress, and the clothes we chose to wear, represent us in front of the world. It's a secret language that can speak sometimes louder than words.

Tell me what you put on and I'll tell you who you are... There are women who often stand in front of the wardrobe and wonder: what should I wear today? We start the search by trying not to repeat the jersey, not to put on the same skirt as last time, or to find a blouse we feel comfortable in but that is at the cleaners.

We're talking about a universal language that conveys a person's character to the rest of humanity. It's true that appearances are often deceiving, but unfortunately, the vast majority of us are guided by them. Although many want to stay away from it all, they will eventually say, like everyone else, "what am I wearing?". In essence, this means "what message do I want to convey to others"?

Explore The Secret Language Of Clothes

Clothing represents a secret language, a subliminal code, and from time to time a kind of "weapon" used by those who know its tricks. So American public relations services take great care over the appearance of politicians.

Ever since Kennedy won the election over Nixon by showing up without a coat on a freezing night (the subliminal message: I'm better looking, younger, and braver), from that day on all politicians have used this subliminal language. Although they convey messages in a subtle, sometimes imperceptible way, they are extremely effective.

But there are even more subtle messages: a state president (we're not giving names) changed his wedding ring from one hand to the other. In essence, it is just a trick that unconsciously appeals to a human desire that drives us to group together with our fellow secret message seekers.

Many other things can be read into men's clothing. For example, the world of football is an interesting vein: a cap, a jacket that reveals a chest with gold chains, but in many cases unable to hide a belly that cries out for liposuction.

Another extreme is the case of those who want to be in tune with fashion. Those with money who can afford anything, forget how old they are and fall into another extreme. Because elegance when it reaches the extreme degenerates into something else, but without leaving any subliminal message.

In the case of men, fashion limits personal expression to a great extent and they have to resort to more subtle methods in order to identify themselves, but for this, an analysis should be made. The easiest way is to turn to a professional.

Clothes and accessories, the whole outfit we choose, speaks about us even before we open our mouths. For example, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt present a light, youthful, relaxed outfit. In contrast, the classic suit jacket, trousers, or skirt plus shirt, are items that exude confidence and earn the respect of others.

Specific uniforms convey information about the wearers and their status: doctors, policemen, soldiers, firemen, etc.

First Impressions Are Crucial

First impressions are created in the first minutes, and one of the basic elements contributing to this process is clothing, which is the first thing we notice. People of a certain status have to look perfect: "You don't know who you're meeting and you have to look impeccable". The way you dress in a given situation shows the respect you give to those you meet.

In your professional career, it is important to adopt a sober, conservative style so that the messages you convey recommend you as a reliable and professional person. Experienced professionals recommend that when choosing your outfit you opt for a style in tune with the professional position you aspire to, not in tune with your current position. This has an effect on your self-image and how you are perceived by others.

We are often unaware of the messages that our clothing style sends out, but we need to pay attention to achieve positive results, both in our personal and professional lives. Regardless of age, we should have a good image and at the same time convey respect for those around us.

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