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Article: Fashion Secrets: The Umbrella's Fascinating History

Fashion Secrets: The Umbrella's Fascinating History
Fashion Secrets

Fashion Secrets: The Umbrella's Fascinating History

Today we will explore some parts of the fascinating history of the umbrella. What does this enigmatic accessory hide?

According to Chinese legends, the umbrella was invented by Lu Mei, a young girl who, while asking her brother to create something to protect her from the rain, ended up creating it herself. One night, Lu Mei built a stick from which she hung 32 bamboo rods covered with silk fabric.

True or not, the umbrella is said to have existed in China as far back as the 11th century BC. China is also credited with the invention of the first umbrella made of waterproof rain-protection material, obtained by waxing and varnishing the paper umbrella.

The earliest reference to a folding umbrella dates back to 21 AD in ancient China.

Discover The Fascinating History Of The Umbrella

There is evidence of the use of items protecting rulers from the sun or rain in various cultures of the ancient world.

Carvings from Nineveh confirm the existence of the umbrella in the ancient Middle East. In Persia, the umbrella is a common item in sculptures from Persepolis.

In Ancient Egypt, the umbrella is found in various forms: with palm leaves or with colored feathers attached to a long handle.

Among the Greeks, as well as being a common accessory for women of high rank, the umbrella was also used in religious rituals held in honor of Dionysus. the God of Wine, who himself is depicted in a bas-relief holding one.

The priestesses of Athens (the Goddess of Wisdom in Greek mythology) also covered their heads with umbrellas, mostly made of leather, during celebrations dedicated to this deity.

The Modern Umbrella

A few thousand years later, in the 17th century, the umbrella was reinvented by the Italians, who called these fascinating accessories "umbrellaces" - made of leather and shaped like a canopy - which they used to protect the city's important people from the sun.

The metal-spiked umbrella was invented in the mid-19th century, with its creator, Samuel Fox, explaining that the idea came to him as he was looking for a way to use the surplus of supports used for the crinolines and corsets of dresses worn by women of that century.

It should be noted, however, that in the beginning, the umbrellas were not yet the shape we know today, but rather resembled a much larger fan supported by a tall handle. The modern look was adopted following the principle of the shape of the tents used in antiquity for various festivities.

Nowadays the material from which umbrellas is mostly waterproof. In the shops across the world, you can find a wide variety of designs, styles, and handles. Some of the umbrellas are true works of art made by famous fashion houses and artisans. They are masterpieces that deserve to be cherished and revered.

Umbrellas, besides being a useful accessory against rain and sun, can also be the perfect gift for your loved ones. It's an idea to consider when you lack inspiration.

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