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Article: Five Things You Should Know About Cellulite- The Curse Of Women

Five Things You Should Know About Cellulite- The Curse Of Women - DSF Antique Jewelry

Five Things You Should Know About Cellulite- The Curse Of Women

Cellulite makes ladies all over the world try to find ways to get rid of these unsightly fat deposits. Here are five things you should know about cellulite.

Some spend impressive amounts of money on products that promise to alleviate or eliminate the orange peel appearance of thighs, hips, etc., but often their expectations are dashed and the cellulite does not disappear.

"That's because cellulite is not a problem of fat deposits, it's a problem of the skin. It has nothing to do with how much you weigh or how much weight you've lost," explained Dr. Howard Murad, Hollywood dermatologist and author of The Cellulite Solution.

"The problem is that women don't fully understand what cellulite actually is, so they don't know how to treat it. Often their endless efforts to lose weight and treatments end in failure. Cellulite is a term coined in European beauty salons and spas in the 1960s to describe the wrinkled appearance of the skin on many women's thighs, hips, or other parts of the body."

Unfortunately, no cream in the world will rid you of those pesky little whitish bumps any more than liposuction will, for the simple reason that cellulite doesn't actually exist.

There's no difference between cellulite and normal fat, so all the creams and sponges designed to melt away cellulite are just ways to take your money. The orange peel appearance of the skin is due to atrophy of the muscles, which occurs when the muscle layer becomes loose, weakens, and separates from the skin, so fat deposits become visible.

But rest assured, muscle atrophy is reversible, and this is how we can get rid of unsightly cellulite, which has often been termed the "curse of women".

Five Things You Should Know About Cellulite

1. You can't get rid of cellulite with creams and lotions! Maybe it is a good idea to stop using them. There are dozens of cellulite-reducing lotions on the market but they don't work at all, and might even make it worse. The whitish bumps are just the superficial results of a problem underneath the skin, so creams won't be effective.

2. Medico-cosmetic treatments don't work and can be dangerous. Reports from the US show that these treatments have caused permanent wounds and scars to some women. Neither wraps nor dermatological treatments have the desired effect.

3. Cellulite is not genetically transmitted, you can get rid of it. No matter what you've been told so far, cellulite is not a problem inherited from your parents and you won't be stuck with it for life. Believing in these misconceptions will prevent you from taking the necessary steps to really get rid of cellulite.

4. You can get rid of cellulite regardless of your age. Cellulite is a muscle problem, so whenever you notice you have it, you can take action to get rid of it. The movements required are not very vigorous or strenuous and can be done by women of any age or weight.

5. The only way to get rid of cellulite is by practicing specific lower body movements. The movements are unique and focus on the muscles in the cellulite areas. These movements have the power of lifting, toning, and defining the muscle layers, thus pushing them towards the skin layer and getting rid of cellulite.

We have 90 individual muscles from waist to ankles! There's a major difference between normal fitness workouts and those that will eradicate cellulite from your thighs for good.

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