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Article: How Much Should You Tip In Each Country Of The World?

How Much Should You Tip In Each Country Of The World

How Much Should You Tip In Each Country Of The World?

How much should you tip when traveling abroad? The answer can vary greatly depending on the country and the type of service you get.

Hawaiian Islands studied tipping trends in 162 countries, first checking TripAdvisor guides for each country.

In some countries like the US, tipping has become an integral part of work and service culture. Whether you're grabbing a coffee, ordering takeout, or visiting a hotel on vacation, tipping has basically become part of the expense.

In other countries, however, tipping is not encouraged and may even be rejected.

How Much Should You Tip While Dining Out?

For example, while waiters and bartenders in the United States - the only country with a recommended 20% tip rate - often depend on tips to supplement their salaries, tipping at a restaurant may be considered an insult in Japan, China, or South Korea, where employers include higher service standards as part of wages.

Also, consider that the maximum expected tip may vary. If you're at a restaurant in the US, Canada, Serbia, or the Dominican Republic, tips of around 20% would be the expected maximum.

In 66 other countries, however, a 10% tip is recommended.

Some countries also have "mandatory tips" in the form of service charges or gratuities for larger parties. Others, such as India, have banned mandatory tipping by restaurants.

How Much Should You Tip In Each Country Of The World restaurant

How Much Should You Tip At A Hotel

Whether you live abroad, you may expect to get better service from the front desk or cleaning staff if you give them a tip.

If you're in the US or Canada, tips to the hotel staff may vary between $2 to $5. At the other extreme, in countries like Argentina, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, you can get away with a 50-cent tip.

For many other countries around the world, including Brazil, Mexico, and India, the tip tag usually amounts to $1 - $2 for hotel staff.

Hotel How Much Should You Tip In Each Country Of The World

Tips For Taxi Drivers

When you're not traveling in your own car or by public transport, use local taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft to explore new places. And tipping rules differ widely from country to country.

Drivers don't expect a cent in 88 countries around the world. Many countries, including India, Sweden, and Morocco, simply round up the taxi fare as a small tip.

In 21 other countries, including Canada, taxi drivers usually receive a 10% tip on top of the fare. But the US tops the list with a 15% tip tag for taxi rides.

How does each country's tipping culture vary by service and how does it compare? This interactive table helps you explore the map data directly by searching for the desired country.

Pictures Credit: Hawaiian Islands

Taxi How Much Should You Tip In Each Country Of The World?

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