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Article: How To Live 100 Years: Secrets Revealed By A Famous Australian Doctor

How To Live 100 Years: Secrets Revealed By A Famous Australian Doctor - DSF Antique Jewelry

How To Live 100 Years: Secrets Revealed By A Famous Australian Doctor

Do you hope to live for 100 years? Here are some secrets for the mind and body that a famous Australian doctor has revealed in his "ultimate guide to longevity".

Norman Swan, a famous Australian doctor who recently wrote a book entitled "So You Want to Live Younger Longer: The ultimate guide to longevity", outlines the secrets of living a long life. He argues that a varied Mediterranean diet, regular exercise, no smoking, developed social connections and positive relationships are the most important characteristics of a healthy, centenarian lifestyle.

The doctor says, for example, you don't have to reach the age of 55 (which he is now) and have the body of a 75-year-old. You need to have the body of a 45, 50-year-old, so you can live 100 years and more. As we live longer, you don't want to get to extreme old age and be falling apart, according to Illawarra Mercury.

How To Live 100 Years - The Ultimate Guide To Longevity

This is the aim of the book written by the famous Australian doctor. Man must plan to stay young in mind and body for a long time. What do I need to do to live to be 100? Everyone asks this question.

What changes do you need to make in your life so that you can enjoy increased longevity?

"It might be boring but do the basics no matter what chronological age you are. Smoking burnt plants, especially tobacco [and he throws vaping in here too], high blood pressure, raised blood fats, lack of physical activity, and being overweight or obese all speed up biological aging," said Norman Swan.

"There's basic stuff you need to do. Quit smoking, get your high blood pressure and cholesterol levels down, and your body mass index too. You should have all the health screenings done for cancer and the like. Eat a diverse Mediterranean-based diet, get regular exercise, and create an occasional calorie gap where you're eating less than you're burning.

And know what people in your family have died of and at what age, the younger you find out the better. If there's a pattern in your family of people getting heart disease or cancer under 60 then perhaps consider genetic counseling. It could save your life if you screen for cancers you could be at risk of."

The More Optimistic You Are, The Longer You Live

"Fifty years ago living to 100 was a genetic abnormality. That's changed. It still helps if we're looking at the extremes, say living to 105, 110, but people are living to 100 now because of the life they've lived, the choices they've made.

If we look at people who live to 100, they haven't had high blood pressure, they've not smoked, or given it up early, they're not too fat, not too thin ... men are usually married but women are not.

There's also evidence that centenarians have a way of being in this world where they just get over stuff. It's not that they don't have bad things happening to them but they get over it. Long-term large studies have found the more optimistic you are, the longer you live. You will gain most the younger you start but it's never too late

If you're in your 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, keep up with diet and exercise, learn new skills to deepen the neural networks in your brain, get 8-9 hours of sleep and stay in a social environment."



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